Golden State Killer Horrifying Case Breakthrough: Ex-Cop Joseph James DeAngelo Arrested After DNA Match (UPD)


The former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, is possible Golden State Killer who committed 12 killings and at least 50 rapes across California in the 1970s and 1980s. Investigators also sought links between horrifying 80s in the US, and a series of rapes in Australia.

Be aware – the further reading contains sensitive content.

Updated April 26 (04:32 EST)

The former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, who police say fits the description of the elusive California killer, was arrested overnight. The suspect was accused Wednesday of being the Golden State Killer who terrorized suburban neighborhoods in a spate of brutal rapes and slayings in the 1970s and ’80s before leaving a cold trail that baffled investigators for decades.

“The answer has always been in Sacramento,” said Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. “We all knew as part of this team that we were looking for a needle in a haystack, but we knew the needle was there.”

Police believe he is connected to some 175 crimes overall between 1976 and 1986.

DeAngelo has adult children and said family members have so far been cooperative in their investigation.

Source: Sacramento Sheriff’s Office

In a nutshell 

American law enforcement has reportedly reached out to police in Australia to determine if California’s still-uncaught Golden State Killer may have moved abroad, becoming the infamous “Mr. Cruel.”

Both states were terrorized by the extremely cruel (or killers) who raped young women and girls before murdering them. Neither man was ever caught however the number of remarkable similarities was noticed in their style of crimes.

The Golden State Killer — sometimes known as the East Area Rapist or the Original Night Stalker — murdered at least 12 people and raped, at least, 45 women between 1976-86. Unlike Mr. Cruel, he didn’t only target young girls and his victims ranged in age from 13 to 41, The Australian reports. There were victims in Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Yolo, Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties. After a prolific spree, he disappeared in 1986.

First, he targeted young women and their children. Then, as he grew in confidence, he began attacking couples as they slept in their own homes.

Mr. Cruel – a name given to him by newspapers – raped three girls under the age of 14 from 1987-91. The crimes stopped after the murder of a fourth, 13-year-old Karmein Chan, in a suburb of Melbourne.


Sketch of Golden State Killer from the FBI

The creepy similarities

The investigations by the police show that Mr. Cruel and the Golden State Killer shared some similarities:

  • They both broke into homes wearing a mask and claimed they were there to rob the victims.
  • Both men reportedly took breaks during their assaults to eat meals.
  • Both used knives and guns as a means to subdue, and then kill, their victims.
  • Both engaged in pretend conversations with others during their crimes.
  • Both used expert knots to keep their victims tied up, and they told the women and girls they raped they were “only there to rob them”.
  • They both had long hair.
  • They were also pathologically meticulous, putting entire neighborhoods under surveillance for weeks while they planned their attacks.

Australian law enforcement isn’t convinced the California killer emerged in their backyard.

“Victoria Police is aware of the matter regarding the Golden State Killer in the U.S.,” police wrote in a statement to the Australian. “This was reviewed in relation to the outstanding Mr. Cruel ­investigations in Victoria and any connection has been ruled out.”

If Mr. Cruel or the Golden State Killer are still alive, they would likely be close to 70 years old.


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Golden State Killer Case Breakthrough - Links Between Australia's 'Mr. Cruel' and the US Serial Murderer Found
Golden State Killer Case Breakthrough - Links Between Australia's 'Mr. Cruel' and the US Serial Murderer Found
Investigators reportedly sought links between horrifying 80s serial killer in the US, and a series of rapes in Australia. Be aware - the further reading contains sensitive content.

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