Gift Card Summit Explains the Differences Between Most Popular Online Gaming Shops (PS Store, Steam, Xbox Live, and More)


Gaming is a big thing. The gaming population makes up a significant portion of the PC user base, and almost all console users are gamers. To buy their favorite video games, they use some of the most popular online gaming shops out there.


Gift Card Summit is sure that not all gaming shops are created equal, and that’s why some proper grinding is needed to find the best options. Below, we’ll rank the four most popular online game shops based on their general looks and ease of navigation, their selection of games, apps, and programs, and most importantly, their prices and amount of deals and sales each one has. 

PS Store

Playstation is one of the two biggest consoles out there and is one of the world’s biggest gaming platforms. It’s one side of the eternal PS vs. Xbox conflict, and its upcoming generation seems very promising.

To play games on the PS, you can purchase them through the PS store. The PS store is slick, sexy, and easy to navigate, but it’s not without its faults. The store tends to crash at times, and the servers could use some optimization, especially when a brand new game is out. Besides the minor lagging, the store is a fantastic way to purchase the latest games, apps, and other media content. 

When it comes to the prices, though, the PS store is far behind other platforms. The games, apps, and content on this store are relatively expensive, with nowhere near enough deals to make it easier for the consumers. 

  • Look: 7/10
  • Selection: 8/10
  • Deals: 4/10

Steam Shop

Gift Card Summit is a firm believer that PC gaming is the most popular type of gaming out there. All hail our Lord and Savior, Gaben, right? Well, Gabe Newell has blessed us with the Steam Shop, which is not only a fan favorite – it’s an absolute juggernaut that towers over its competition.

The steam app is very slick and good looking, has a near-perfect UX, and the selection, oh the selection. The steam store has all of the games, apps, and programs you could ever like. It doesn’t just work with AAA studios – it has a very devoted indie scene.

Alternatively, the Steam Workshop has more mods and adjustments than you can imagine. The best thing about the Steam Shop, though, is the prices. Not only is it near perfect in most ways, but the deals are also abundant and frequent, and the prices are affordable. 

  • Look: 9/10
  • Selection: 10/10
  • Deals: 9/10

Xbox Live

Xbox is up there with Playstation, continually battling to determine who has the best gaming console and the best console gaming shop out there. It’s slick, good looking, and navigating the thing is a breeze. 

One thing that the Xbox has over Playstation is the fact that its servers are solid, it’s store is streamlined, but its login is downright troubling. Every Xbox user will know the pain of getting logged out of their Xbox Live account and the notorious issues Xbox has with their logins. 

Aside from that, the selection and pricing pretty much match that of the PS store. Ironically, the two biggest rivals in the console world are so similar. While some titles are exclusive to one of these platforms, the general pricing, deals, and selection are similar. 

  • Look: 8
  • Selection: 7
  • Deals:  4

Nintendo eShop

Nintendo is one of the most popular game companies out there. It brought us all the titles we know and love from our childhood, including Mario, Pokemon, and many, many more.

Its eShop is one of the best looking ones since it shines when it comes to originality.

The shop is much like the company – cute, quirky, and original. The main issue with the Nintendo store is the prices. Gift Card Summit ranks the selection as absolutely massive, and it houses all the classic characters and games we love – but the prices are through the roof. The only thing worse than the prices is the lack of good deals. 

  • Look: 10/10
  • Selection: 8/10
  • Deals: 2/10

In Conclusion 

The world of gaming is one of the most enjoyable, versatile, and dynamic landscapes that exist on the internet today – and Gift Card Summit is well aware of that fact. What can be better is the many stores that exist and enable gamers worldwide. Most stores look and feel good, but the prices can be quite Ludacris at times, and they don’t seem to be getting cheaper anytime soon. 

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Ranking The Most Popular Online Gaming Stores | Gift Card Summit 
There are more online gaming stores out there than you can imagine, and today, Gift Card Summit will rank the most popular ones.
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