Gayming in Football Manager 2018: New Coming-Out Update (Video)


“Football Manager” creators have laid the basis for a breakthrough in gaming and international sport. Miles Jacobson, the director of the game, is brave enough to give an opportunity for the fictional players, so-called “newgens”, to come out.

What Nexter thinks about this quite a risk-taking choice?

The major update over the last 13 years

Football Manager” is known as a football management simulation that aims to let the players dive into the virtual football world that is similar to the real one. We all know the simulation games created to reflect the reality and add some opportunities we will probably never have in the real life.

The coming-out chance is not an exception. The director of “Football Manager” states the reason they decided to develop this update is the players of homesexual orienation cannot be sued in the game. However, the situation is still different in the real life.

How to come out if you’re gay or lesbian?


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The process is quite simple, explained Jacobson, every member of the club can come out anytime they want. The players will be informed about the news through the in-game inbox.

Moreover, the developers included the benefits from the representatives of the LGBT community – the more club has gays or lesbians in their team, the higher income it will have in the future.

Limitations of the update



This update will be applied to all servers around the world except the ones still consider homesexuality as a illegal act. Miles Jacobson stated in BBC news, “We also had to take some legal advice, because in some countries that are less forward-thinking than the UK, it is still illegal to be gay. In those cases we have simply respected their laws, so if a player is based in one of those countries, the player won’t come out”.

Nexter-team thinks it is an extremely necessary limitation that will help to protect the “newgens”. Taking into account the fact there are still a long list of states that support death penalty for homosexuality (Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen, Iran and many others), it is quite a thoughtful move.

Is the homosexuality still a sporting taboo?  



In some Asian countries the death penalty exists as a part of sharia law that applies only to Muslims. In US and the majority of European countries homosexuality is not illegal, nevertheless, the number of gays still receiving a ton of homophobic abuse on a daily basis.

Fortunately, we have some good examples to follow and change the situation. Few of the former players of National Football League have performed coming out when their career ended (Wade Davis, Kwame Harris, David Kopay and others).

Thanks to Kick it Out, organizations that help to fight with discrimination in sport, the numbers proliferate. However, ex-Premiership footballer Paul Elliot stated at least a dozen gay football players that are afraid to “come out” for fear of a abuse and bullying.

Reactions and comments of the fans

The first release of “Football Manager” was performed 13 years ago and was announced as one of the best-selling franchise in the world. Is there any risk this change will affect the popularity of the game?

The survey conducted around the world has showed that most of the reaction were surprisingly positive. The majority of the players and fans of the particular teams confirmed they do not mind having a gay in their club.

For instance, according to BBC new, 8% of the citizens of Great Britain stated that they did not feel comfortable with this update. As we can see, the franchise is not going to incur losses on their extraordinary update.

Sometimes we can change the relation to some things through books, music and, in this case, with the help of .

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