Free Spins in Casinos: Types and Rules of Usage


Free spins are bonuses which can be found in slot machines. In most cases, they run in video slots. Free spins are given for achievements in the game or as bonuses from the institution.

Spins classification
Free spins are part of the slot machine gameplay. Most models are equipped with prize options with gift scrolls that run when three or more scattered characters appear on the screen. Sometimes free slots with bonus are activated randomly after a spin.

Also, casinos give free spins as rewards to customers. Bonus gifts can be provided for depositing money to an account, attracting new customers, joining a group on social networks, installing a plug-in or a mobile application, etc.

Principle of work
Gift spins are triggered after the desired combination of characters falls out and rarely require action from the client. The bet remains the same and is made by the casino. Some cash machines give spins with additional options: fixed or expanding Wild symbols, increased pay multipliers, etc. Players do not risk to lose their funds.

Bonuses are provided in both paid and free modes. You can use free spins on smartphones and tablets, as well as when downloading software. They are charged without restrictions in the number and options.

Terms and conditions
The following parameters characterize free spins in clubs:

●      Amount. It depends on the amount of the deposit, the results of the promotion, the conditions of the loyalty program. Moreover, they are charged in a fixed amount.

●      Available slots. Free spins as bonuses are used in certain games.

●      The size of the bet. Casinos limit the maximum amount of the bet when using bonus spins.

●      Deadline. Free spins remain active for a limited period.

●      Wager. Sometimes the winnings have to be played before the withdrawal. If a client earns $10 with an x20 wager during free spins, then you need to wager $200 in this slot machine. The condition does not apply to scrolls that start combinations of characters.

Advantage of free spins bonuses
If the free spins are accrued as a bonus, the winnings are recouped from the wager. The ratio can reach x50, so you need to put on large sums of money. Such free spins are used by casino customers who are counting on a long gaming process. Wage amounts can be measured in thousands of dollars. Not every user can make such a deposit. Usually, such free spins are used by high rollers to increase the chances of winning. If free spins are just a separate feature of the machine, this is an attractive option that makes the gameplay more exciting and fruitful. Besides, it is possible to skip them if you need it.

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