The American Dream: Inspiration From Some Of The Best Houses On The West Coast


Living on the West Coast of America means you’ll be subject to a wide variety of different conditions and cultures – from historic buildings featuring colonial architecture to modern yet modest beach towns, unspoilt desert as far as the eye can see to busy and bustling cityscapes.

Even so, most homes in California still stick with the same timeless design themes: chic, contemporary, casual, and cool. This translates to natural colour palettes, abstract art on the walls, furniture with a bohemian vibe, and an abundance of greenery.

Using some of the best houses on the West Coast as inspiration, here’s how you can live the American dream with your own design choices.

Living room

With any California-inspired living room, an emphasis has to be placed on raw materials and innate colours – think subtle sandy hues, untreated wood, and lots of natural light.

Although slightly obvious, California touches such as desert cacti and wooden surfboards can make any living room exude West Coast style.

To avoid the possibility of a living room that’s too soft or safe, consider introducing attention-grabbing art or another statement piece with similar eye-catching appeal.

Dining room

Californian dining rooms tend to be more minimalist than other rooms so that the food and drink on the table can do the talking. After all, the Golden State was the birthplace of sourdough bread, rocky road, and several other culinary delights.

If you go with the harshness of a raw wood table, be sure to counteract it with soft furnishings like a patterned rug. Complimentary greenery will also make a California style dining room much more inviting.


As you’d expect, the common Californian thread of clean cut furniture made from natural materials with the odd splash of colour runs through most West Coast bedrooms.

When it comes to bedding, stick with pristine white sheets alongside bohemian-style cushions or rugs to balance out any suggestions of blandness. Fun can be had with the smaller details too, such as brass or copper fixtures and fittings.


With most Californians choosing to spend as much time as possible outdoors, you simply cannot neglect this part of the house. Take the opportunity to echo your interior styling choices with outdoor design elements that are the epitome of Californian cool.

For example, modern fire pits where friends and family can convene in comfort, large potted plants that hail from California’s endless desert, and casual seating that strikes the perfect balance between style and substance.

For even greater functionality, consider an additional prefab metal building that meets and exceeds California building codes and load requirements.

The bottom line on California’s timeless yet trendy design motif

From Santa Barbara to Silicon Valley, the glorious West Coast of California is bursting at the seams with dream homes that reflect the American dream. Regardless of whether you live here or not, you too can replicate classic Californian styling in your own home by choosing bohemian touches, natural elements, exquisite antique furnishings, and plenty of art.

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