Four Sudoku Myths Busted


Sudoku may look challenging to a newbie, but in reality, the game does not require you to be a math genius. Although built on numbers, it is suitable for anyone who can count from one to nine. Given the simplicity of the concept, it is, however, a decent and stimulating way to exercise your brain. This explains why so many of us play sudoku while commuting or killing time in airports.

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Today, sudoku is available in any format you find convenient. Do you feel most comfortable with a pen and paper? There are magazines and newspaper puzzle sections. Sudoku is played on websites by millions, and those who are always on the go appreciate sudoku brain game applications for their smartphones. Nevertheless, there are a few misconceptions about the game, but they are easy to debunk.

1. You must be a math whiz to win

Although you will be juggling numbers, you do even have to add or subtract anything. The point of the game is to place sequences from 1 to 9 on the grid in such a way that none of the numbers are repeated within the same column, row, or square.  Rather than maths skills, what you need is pure logic.

It also does not follow that if you despise maths, you are bound to hate the game, too. A good is defined by solid logical thinking, an ability to focus and to spot patterns. These may be your skills regardless of your attitude to school arithmetics.

2. You must be lucky

In a logical game like sudoku, luck simply does not exist. It is either your thinking leads to the correct positioning of a letter, or you lose focus and fail to spot the right sequences.


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3. You need to guess

One of the primary rules of sudoku is to avoid guessing. If you are not sure which number to put in a certain cell, you had better not do it. A wrong guess will only lead you down a path to failure, as all the other patterns will get confused along the way, and mistakes will multiply. It is always preferable to spend a little more time examining the grid than to miss the right opportunities and let the errors mount.

4. Sudoku is often impossible to solve

This myth is simply laughable. Naturally, all puzzles of this kind can be solved with sufficient time and concentration. For any 81-cell puzzle to be solvable, it must contain at least 17 initial clues (numbers already in place). If you are given fewer than that, you may have a puzzle that is invalid.

Overall, these and other myths surrounding sudoku are mostly based on exaggerated odds of failure. In reality, there is nothing daunting. Success in the game does not require special mathematical skills or complicated algorithms. It is suitable for anyone, and once you grasp its basics, you will be hooked! What better way to pass the time than to train your brainpower!

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Four Sudoku Myths Busted
Sudoku may look challenging to a newbie, but in reality, the game does not require you to be a math genius.

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