First Time Hiker? Here Are Four Things You Should Know


So you’ve finally decided to get out of your house and spend some time outside (don’t worry; we don’t judge). Whatever your reason for exploring the outdoors, we’re sure that hiking will give a significant boost to your health as well as your overall glow. It’s like yoga, only dirtier and without the poses. Because of the risk of something going wrong, you definitely need a buddy if you’re planning to go up to the mountains or other remote areas. You see, there will surely be horrible mobile reception, which makes it difficult to call for help.



We’re really, really proud of you for finally deciding that you want to see (a bit of) the natural world through your own eyes. You see your truth when you witness the world through your own eyes. Embrace this newfound enthusiasm but be sure to consider these four things before heading out on a hike.

Location. Location. Location.
Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” The enemy here is nature because literally everything outside is trying to kill you, so you better watch out! Be sure to know where you are going to hike, be it a local trail or something as grand as the Swiss Alps. If you know someone who has hiked this specific trail, go ahead and ask them for tips. The more you know about the unexpected falls and dangerous curves, the better your preparations will be. You don’t want to come out of the wilderness naked and afraid, right?

Buddy system
Maybe you agreed to go on a hike with a friend who wanted to introduce you to the wonders of walking through nature. You guys actually have a goal, and that is to seek that wonderful view that only the bravest and the strongest can see. It’s better to hike as a group so that if someone gets injured along the way, one can stay while the others seek help.

Fuel your trip
All cars need fuel to go that extra mile and go beyond the horizon. You as a person need fuel as well. There is nothing more important than packing some water in your non-single-use plastic container to refuel and carry on. You might also pack some trail mix and other edible essentials while on the road to keep yourself healthy and fit while traversing mountains and crossing rivers. Just remember to keep your trash with you and to share with your friends.

Be prepared
Of course, you should never forget to gear up properly. The elements are not merciful on the unprepared. You can get high-quality gear from online stores like Another thing that you should not forget is your physical fitness. Prepare for a big hike by focusing on your leg strength and cardiovascular readiness.

A new hobby is a chance to learn and explore. Going on a hike with your buddies is a great way to feel more in touch with nature and appreciate all the things around us that keep us alive. Always remember to leave the trail in the same state as when you first saw it. This means that you are not to leave your trash lying around. If you see some trash, pick it up. Why? Because this is just the right thing to do.

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First Time Hiker? Here Are Four Things You Should Know
So you’ve finally decided to get out of your house and spend some time outside (don’t worry; we don’t judge)

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