Firefox Quantum and Other HOT Updates You Probably Missed


Mozilla has released a new browser – Firefox Quantum – the fastest one among the leading Internet platforms. Google and Facebook keep up and launch new amazing updates.

Check what Nexter found out about them.

1. Firefox Quantum – Make Internet Great Again

Source: Mozilla

Mozilla has presented a new Firefox 57 browser, so-called “Firefox Quantum”, which is considered to be the fastest one on the market. According to developers, Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as the previous version released six months ago.

This browser uses less amount of computer data storage. Developers also claim that Firefox Quantum uses 30% less RAM than Google Chrome. Moreover, the built-in pop-up blocker can speed up the page loading process by 44%.

According to the official website, Firefox Quantum has a new technology to prioritize the tabs, which helps to speed up the work with a large number of pages. This technology is named Photon – new User Interface.

2. Google Home App’s New Design



Google is gradually improving the capabilities of its Google Home application, designed to manage smart speakers and Chromecast devices.

The updated version of the application has improved design and a number of new features. Basically, they are designed to simplify the search bar.

The navigation button is now at the bottom of the screen – closer to the user’s fingers. At the same time, the application is able to gather the recommended content from all the streaming services subscribed by the user.

3. Google Home to Broadcast Messages



Google Home speaker are now able to “broadcast” messages from the phone to the speakers. Unfortunately, this updates doesn’t allow you to broadcast a message to a specific speaker, that is why it will be sent to all devices connected to your account.

Google also provides with the list of possible commands, for instance, you can use such statements as “Broadcast be back soon”, “Broadcast the show is about to start” and much more.

4. Facebook to Merge Stories and Messenger Day


Source: techcrunch

Now, when each user posts something in Story, the content automatically appears in the “My Day” section of the Messenger and vice versa.

It is noteworthy that “Stories” from groups and pages will be available only in Story and will not appear in the Messenger.

Users can choose the type of access in their “Stories”: only for friends on Facebook, for friends on Facebook and interlocutor in Messenger, or make it public.

Moreover, Facebook launches collaborative Stories for groups and events.

Check it out:

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