Finding Relief from Your Body Pains? Here’s How


Body pains and aches are a common occurrence, especially as one starts approaching their golden years. While most body pains are related to aging, some may stem from various causes, including chronic health conditions, physical injury, diet, and day-to-day activities, among others. Some types of pain can be extremely excruciating to the point that they affect your ability to work productively as well as your quality of life. So how do you deal with body pains that keep coming and going or those that just don’t seem to go away? From taking pain medication to gentle stretching,



Here are some ways to find relief for your body pains.

Gentle Exercises
A majority of body aches also occur due to stiffness of the muscles and joints, perhaps from reduced mobility and activity. Overworking is also a probable cause of some musculoskeletal pain such as neck pain, knee pain, and backache, with the latter being more common. Especially if you have no known underlying conditions causing your body pain, the medical professionals from Medicine Direct say that gentle exercise is one of the best ways to find back pain relief. Combined with gentle stretching, exercise such as yoga, Pilates, and swimming could be all you need to say goodbye to most of the mentioned body pain. If you don’t have the means and resources to engage in these, you could also try walking or gentle dancing. In addition to reducing stiffness and tension in your muscles and joints, these activities are known to be effective in blocking pain signals in your brain, thus easing some of the pain you could be experiencing.



If your pain is too regular, you may also want to try seeing a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. While the former will help design an exercise regimen to improve your strength and mobility, an occupational therapist will guide you through performing your day-to-day tasks without aggravating your pain.

Pay Your Doctor a Visit
The best and most advisable way to deal with pain is to get medical attention, especially if it’s so severe or it lasts for more than a day. Whether it’s a headache, a stomach ache, or a painful joint, your doctor will investigate the issue and recommend the best treatment approach to get rid of the pain depending on the root cause. This may include treating underlying conditions while addressing the pain itself, often using pain relief medication such as NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). For minor pains and aches that pop up abruptly, your pharmacist may also be able to help by recommending over the counter pain relief medication. However, it is not advisable to make it a habit of using painkillers without consulting your doctor as their overuse could have unpleasant side effects on your body.

Cold and Heat Therapy
This one is an age-old method that even our ancestors used to treat pain, especially the one that comes from physical injury. You can relieve some kinds of pain using a block of ice wrapped in a towel or plastic back, and then pressing it against the affected area. Alternatively, pressing a towel soaked in hot water against the painful part of your body can provide relief. In fact, some use alternating presses of cold and heat for faster results. However, this trick may not work well on some delicate parts of the body.

Breathing for Pain
Deep breathing is another helpful way to find relief from pain, especially when living with chronic pain. When you take a slow, deep breath, you tend to feel more relaxed and in control. This effect extends to various parts of the body, including the painful areas. As a result, it eases tension and stiffness in your muscles, thus reducing the intensity of pain. This relaxation technique works even better when combined with meditation and can have numerous benefits to your health when done regularly.

Visit A Massage Spa



Pain relief is among the many benefits of therapeutic massage. Not only do they drive tension and stiffness out of joints and muscles, but massages are also effective in providing relief from stress and anxiety. Thanks to the fulfilling sensation they provide, a good massage will distract your mind from the pain or even provide relief completely with time.

Sleep and Relax
In addition to relaxation techniques we’ve touched on above, sleeping can help provide some form of relief from pain. Well, it may be a bit difficult to fall asleep when the pain is so intense, but with time, sleep deprivation can only make your pain worse. If you can, try to maintain a regular sleep routine and talk to your doctor if your pain is giving you sleep problems. You may also want to avoid eating heavy meals before bed, taking daytime naps, and other factors that may affect your sleep pattern.

In addition to these, engaging in activities you love despite your pain can have a therapeutic effect. The bottom line, though, is that if left unchecked, pain can make one’s life extremely difficult. Try some of the above ways to beat the pain and you might as well beat it completely even if it’s chronic.

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Finding Relief from Your Body Pains? Here's How
Body pains and aches are a common occurrence, especially as one starts approaching their golden years.

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