Financial Strategies: Which Is the Best to Follow in 2021?


The previous year was really tough so the beginning of 2021 is the prime time to start thinking about possible changes and improvements in all aspects of your life. Financial insecurity on 2020 and the world pandemic have shown us that it’s important to boost our financial literacy and establish new financial strategies to help each of us overcome monetary disruptions with less hassle. To help you get started, below is a list of the top financial resolutions and strategies for the new 2021 together with expert advice on how to increase your financial stability.


Top Financial Strategies for 2021

#1 Get Rid of Your Debt and Refinance Your Credit Card

One of the most important things to do at the beginning of 2021 is to pay your existing debt off whether it is a emergency loans for people with bad credit, a student loan, or a personal loan to relocate. While it can be relatively easy to repay a small amount of debt, you can still think of ways to refinance your debt or consolidate it. The pandemic that has already changed our world has also offered certain opportunities to consumers. For instance, you may now get the lowest mortgage rates and decrease your monthly payments using debt consolidation programs. Recent graduates can also benefit from forbearance on student loans from the government allowed until January 31. It means you are not obliged to make the first payment this year and the interest rates are also suspended.

#2 Start Budgeting

This is another significant strategy to follow. If you don’t have a budget yet this may be one of the reasons you don’t have financial stability. Having a monthly budget means you know how much you earn, how much you spend, and where your money goes in general. It helps you to realize what aspects can be improved and altered to strive for financial independence and more security. Aren’t sure how to plan it? Here are a few easy steps to follow:

  • Begin with the basics. Collect all of your expenditures and income to determine how much you make each month. Make sure to include your salary or freelance income.
  • Learn three rules. Each budget should include these three things – automation, monitoring your costs, and having an emergency fund. Try your best to follow all three rules to succeed.
  • Select budgeting principles. There are many of them today but you may choose the one that seems right for you in 2021. Some experts suggest people save a certain percentage of your monthly income, while others suggest a zero-sum strategy. It means all of your monthly bills, debt, and savings should comprise the whole sum of your monthly income with nothing left at the end.
  • Feel yourself. Try to find your own values and incorporate them into everyday life. You can write down your expenses, or utilize an online spreadsheet. You may even break your monthly budget down and create several frequency budgets depending on your needs.

#3 Erase Things That Don’t Work for You

Another useful thing you can do this year is to get rid of things that aren’t helpful. Cut everything that prevents you from becoming financially independent and debt-free. Such things may include your personal life, relationships, debt repayment, eating habits, spending skills, clutter in the house, etc. If some things don’t matter anymore try your best to remove them with no delay to have space for something new and relevant.

#4 Boost Your Income

One of the ways to improve your financial wellbeing and reach your long-term monetary goals is to find ways to increase your monthly income. It’s good to have a stable full-time position but as we’ve seen last year things can change really fast. Many consumers had to take out loans to remain financially afloat or utilized their credit cards. It’s surprising, though, as consumer credit card debt lowered in 2020 for the first time in almost eight years, states Experian credit reporting bureau.

You need to become more flexible, learn new skills that can be relevant today, and help you overcome difficulties with employment even during the pandemic or lockdown. This way you won’t need to take out personal loans so frequently. “By lowering the usage of lending services and credit cards, consumers have slightly increased their credit history and have become more financially fit even during the pandemic,” mentions Rod Griffin, senior director of consumer education and advocacy at Experian.

Finding new streams of income such as getting a side gig or becoming a freelancer can give you flexibility and security when it comes to personal finance. There are 5 ways to reach it:

  • Get a raise in your present job;
  • Get promoted;
  • Land a new job;
  • Launch your own business;
  • Get a side gig.

#5 Focus on Your Goals and Aims

Finally, you need to sit down and understand your short-term and long-term goals. Do you want to pay down the personal loans you are having now? Are you willing to accomplish something or change your career? Find your own aims and targets that will motivate you to start the changes. Many people have a lack of funds but few of them realize what they want to achieve in the long run and where they would like to be in a few years. Setting plans and financial goals can help you become more organized and work your way to success.

In conclusion, there are various financial strategies that might be useful for overcoming current difficulties and reaching your goals. They come in different forms and shapes. The most important thing is to personalize them as certain strategies will work for certain people. They should consider your beliefs, values, and personal needs. Establish your short-term and long-term monetary goals and take into account strategies that comprise debt management, emergency savings, retirement savings, and investments. It can be challenging to get started but once you make small steps towards financial freedom you will notice changes in all aspects of your life.


Just putting money is not enough. Learn how to invest them properly. This will bring additional profit. Find the best options, consult with specialists, and the money will start working for you.

“An investment needs to make sense today and tomorrow.”

— Robert Kiyosaki

In the modern world, technology has entered our lives so tightly that now you can plan the budget and save money in a few clicks. To do this, many functional applications have been developed that will simplify your life. You do not need to put aside the accumulated cash, but it is better to make them work for you by investing correctly.

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Financial Strategies: Which Is the Best to Follow in 2021?
In the modern world, technology has entered our lives so tightly that now you can plan the budget and save money in a few clicks.
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