Cat and AI Predict the Winners, Workers Training to Smile and Other Hilarious Ways Russia Prepares to Host FIFA World Cup 2018 – Watch Opening Ceremony LIVE Stream


The World Cup 2018 starts Thursday, June 14 and found out how Russia is taking final preparation on the opening day.

The opening night

This year   World Cup is scheduled for June 14 and will last till July 15. In general, 32 teams will fight for the prize, with the group stage set for June 14-June 28, Round of 16 from June 30-July 3, quarterfinals on July 6-7, semifinals on July 10-11 and the final on July 15.

Also, this is the first time  World Cup is held in Russian Federation. The opening ceremony will take place at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium which will also host the final.

The event will focus on a series of musical acts, with Robbie Williams headlining. Around 500 dancers, gymnasts and trampolinists will also be performing in an opening extravaganza that will pay homage to all things Russian.

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How to watch live stream?

There is a multitude of options for you to choose. For instance, English-language broadcast on FOX or FS1 (stream on Fox Sports Go). For Canadians – CTV/TSN, the official Canada broadcaster.

Also, you can watch on another subscription service such as DirectTVSling, and Fubo – each of which has a free trial.

Special training for workers

Ahead of the big event and crowds of football fans, Russian workers are undergoing training on how to ‘smile more’. BBC reports that certain groups of workers – primarily in the public transportation industry – are taking special courses on how to behave and greet tourists arriving for the World Cup.

It is a necessary move because it’s not typical for Russians to smiling at the streets and it’s kind of abnormal and even can cause troubles, according to the BBC video.

Russian women are prohibited to have sex with foreigners during the World Cup


Source: @FeedSportNews/Twitter

Russian lawmaker urges local women not to have sex with foreigners at the World Cup. Tamara Pletnyova told a Moscow radio station that local women should avoid having sex with foreign men during the event. She later added that if a woman truly feels the need to do so, she should find a partner of the same race.

“We should give birth to our own children. I’m not a nationalist, but nonetheless. I know that the children suffer as well, and then they are abandoned and stay here with the mother,” she said.

Winners predictions

Winners predictions are always fun especially when it’s done with the help of fluffy cats and Artificial Intelligence.

Thus, ‘Psychic’ cat predicts win for Russia in opening World Cup game. Perhaps Achilles the cat knows that no host nation has lost the opening game of the World Cup. The deaf cat is one of the mousers at St. Peterburg’s Hermitage Museum, but has a special assignment during the tournament.

Last year, he successfully predicted three outcomes during the Confederations Cup.


Source: Xinhua Sports

Goldman Sachs AI is giving another version of predicting which team will win this year’s World Cup. After incorrectly predicting how the 2014 tournament would turn out, it’s trying again and its calculations say that France, Brazil, Portugal and Germany will make it to the semi-finals with Brazil beating out Germany in the final game.


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The FIFA World Cup 2018 starts Thursday, June 14 and found out how Russia is taking final preparation on the opening day.

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