Fantastic Educational Movies For Students


Many of the students enjoy watching movies. Whether you are searching for a movie to support your lesson or a book you would like to read in class or to get a reward for the handwork, there are movies that will offer you inspiration, education, and even warning. Most of these films are good for both college and high school students, but some are good for the younger ones.  Here are some of the best high school movies you should consider:

School of Rock

This 2003 movie is about a heavy metal musician who is voted out of his band. He gets a teaching job at a private school from a roommate. He then makes a decision to create a band together with his students. The goal is to win a competition against the old band. The movie that stars Jack Black is definitely a great one.

Freedom writer

This was one of the must watch movies 2017 for students. The film is about a young teacher that inspires her class to have more tolerance and continue pursuing education even after high school. The movie that stats Hilary Swank is based on the true story of Erin Gruwell.

Inside Job

This is a documentary that was created by Charles Ferguson and managed to win an Oscar award. It is made up of a comprehensive analysis of the financial crisis of 2008 which led to millions of people losing their homes and jobs. This was considered to be the second biggest recession after the great depression and almost lead to the collapse of the global economy. It is definitely a great film for students who would like to learn more about the stock market. This can also be a good essay topic for students seeking for a business topic or who are searching for someone to help write my essay.


This film may be a bit hard, but it is also quite interesting. The movie uses factoring numbers and Cartesian coordinates in figuring out the location in a huge cube designed by humans. While it contains some elements of horror, it still got a lot of fun, and it is something that is worth considering if you would like to make your lesson interesting.

The Ron Clack Story

This 2006 film is an inspiring story of a teacher who left his hometown to go teach in a public school in New York. The teacher passionately used special rules in class, and this helped them to make great changes in the student’s lives. One of the major characters is a young girl who wants to satisfy her thirst for education even as she helps to raise her 3 siblings. The teacher assists her to overcome her challenges and turn into a top student.


All odds have been stacked against an African-American teen that is pregnant with her second child but is unable to write or read. When she gets accepted into another school, a nurse and a teacher’s attempt to help her turn her life around.

The King Speech

The film is extraordinary for people who are in language school and can make a good essay topic. If you would like to help to choose a nice topic from the movie, you can visit This is the story of a man who has a stammer and is compelled to speak. This is one of the movies that have a lot of motivational information while delivering good immersion factor.

Dangerous Minds

This is a 1995 film about the mind of an ex-marine who finds a temporary job teaching in a school that is stricken by poverty. As a result of the lack of enthusiasm in her reception by the student, she decides to use some unorthodox method in a bid to gain their trust.

Dead Poets Society

The movie is based in the year 1959 when a teacher decides to tear pages from a book in a bid to inspire the love of poetry in the students who are in prep school. The teacher’s fresh perspective and attitude greatly impact the students.


If you are a student who is searching for inspiration for your paper, these movies can give you some top-notch ideas. While you will need to choose which film to focus on, overall this can be an exciting opportunity for you to get a good topic for your paper. Alternatively, you can just find someone to write my essay UK.

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