Facebook To Show You 2 News Feeds. Why?


Facebook is testing the separation of the News Feeds for dividing commercial posts and personal ones.

For now Facebook experimenting in six countries: Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka. In these countries in the main feed users see only news from their friends and sponsored posts. In another one  – Explore Feed – it is able to read posts from pages they follow.

Page owners of news media, musicians, sports teams, etc. have already experienced negative consequences such as drops in organic reach up to 66%. The only way for them to be seen now is to pay for advertising shown in the “personal” feed.

At the same time, testing of two separate news feeds has already affected the traffic of small media websites.

According to Medium, sixty biggest Slovak media pages have 4 times fewer interactions (likes, comments, shares) since the test.

Interactions on 60 biggest Slovak media Facebook pages. Facebook is testing Explore Feed since Thursday. Source: CrowdTangle

Meanwhile, Facebook announced that it doesn’t mean to force commercial pages “to pay for all their distribution”.This test will take only a few months and will not become a global project.

“It’s not global and there are no plans to be,” said Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed at Facebook.

“Likely months as it can take that long for people to adapt, but we’ll be looking to improve the experience in the meantime,” he added.

As Nexter reported before Only 5% of Americans Trust Social Media News – Research.

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