Facebook, Amazon, Google: Where You Will Be Paid More? (Infographics)


World leading social media companies are seeking to recruit top professionals. To attract the best professionals and build the foundation for a working relationship, high-tech companies offer quite impressive bonuses.

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Annual Bonuses

In case you are looking for a permanent job in the modern technological and social media industry and you want to get a good position for a sign-on and annual bonuses, then you came to the right place.

Modern companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google tend to value not only the talent, skills, and abilities of a worker but their desire to stay in this particular company.

Thus, employees offer their candidates enormous bonuses for signing a work contract. Now we are talking about more than just ten thousand dollars.

To keep employees loyal, the world’s leading technology companies pay bonuses not only new employees but also the current workers. At the same , the bonuses for permanent specialists are equal, and sometimes significantly higher than those that beginners receive.

Check out the annual bonuses:


Source: dailydot.com


According to Paysa, Salesforce has paid the biggest annual bonus (around $40,000) for 23 months of work. The closest to this mark are the following companies: Facebook ($33,225) and Dropbox ($32,707) for the average stay of 23-25 months.

Then goes VMware with an annual bonus of $33,145 for 31 months of work. These are the top highly paid companies in Paysa list.

You can also consider applying for a job in Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, which have bonuses of $20,000-24,000 for an average stay of 25-44 months.

Check out the sign-on bonuses:

Source: dailydot.com

Facebook ($45,708) and Amazon ($41,340) take the leading positions.

If you are just a junior specialist in your field and want to be highly-skilled professional, look for an assistant job in the mentioned companies or find less famous corporations and ask them about bonuses and other benefits.

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