Exporting Mailboxes To Outlook Quickly And Effortlessly


If you are currently looking for a way to migrate tons of email from your old mailbox to a new email client, this article will help you find the right answers. For many, it still seems too complicated to move the whole life of thousands of emails and files stored on one platform to another, more relevant one without any significant troubles. However, with the more precise software being developed for this purposes, one should not be afraid and instead, try things out.

One of the first questions that probably come to one’s mind in regard to the email migration issue is which formats and applications are supported. In the properly developed programmes, it is possible to export thunderbird to outlook just as well as Gmail to outlook or any other popular email client. Nowadays, these processes take a few minutes and preserve the initial files in apple-pie order. So, hop on the board to learn more about these solutions and how these can help you out.

All You Need To Understand About Mail Migration To Outlook

Once incredibly popular and user-focused Mozilla application was among the top market performers. Today no one can deny that Microsoft efforts to always keep abreast of the times and develop its services has been gaining momentum for quite some time. No wonder, it is Outlook platform people are more likely to move their computer lives and working processes. To this end, it is the main task of the migration softwares to ensure utmost transition smoothness.

Given the technical difficulty of performing this migration process due to the difference between data storage formats, one should be especially careful with the choice of the software. And aspects of such a decision to make are listed hereinafter:

  • user-friendliness: given that not everyone is technically savvy, it is important for the software of this kind to be user-friendly. For this, the interface should be developed in a way to take the complexity of data conversion away from users’ eyes. Therefore, in your decision-making on the program to use, this should be one of the factors to pay special attention to;
  • automation of the data conversion procedures: it is of extreme significance for the conversion processes to be maximally automated so that you as a user should not take care of where your emails, attachments, and other relevant data are stored. Moreover, for Thunderbird, it is rather difficult to so as data is not stored in a single database, file or even folder. Together with the accuracy of the files preservations, this factor should play an important role for you;
  • size of the transferable archives: if you have been using a certain email client for rather a long period of time, the size of the archive with all the files and attachments can be quite big. Therefore, one should definitely pay attention to the maximum size the conversion programme is capable of processing.

To wrap things up, when choosing the optimal email migration service, a number of factors should be considered. These include user-friendliness, automation of the data conversion procedures and size of the transferable archives

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