Austin Bomber Mark A. Conditt Left Confessional Video – Here’s What It Says About the Motive (Infographic)


After five explosions, two people killed and 4 more injured Austin serial bomber, Mark Anthony Conditt, is dead. 

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UPD (March 22): Bomber’s confession video

It turned out that Mark Anthony Conditt, Austin serial bomber, recorded a 25-minute confession video and killed himself in a final explosion.

“It is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his life that led him to this point,” Austin police Chief Brian Manley said of the video.

But even those new evidence doesn’t share light on the motive.

“I know everybody is interested in a motive and understanding why. And we’re never going to be able to put a (rationale) behind these acts.”

The record was found in Conditt’s cellphone when police recovered his body Wednesday morning.

In his confession, Conditt described the components of seven bombs he built and detailed the differences among the bombs, Manley said.

Here is how Mark A. Conditt looked:


UPD (March 21): Bombings suspect is dead

A suspect linked with a series of parcel bombs in Texas is dead after a police confrontation, officials say.

The man whose name was Mark Anthony Conditt (23) died after detonating a device when officers approached his car off a highway in the city of Round Rock, north of the state capital.

“The suspect is deceased and has significant injuries from detonating a bomb inside his vehicle,” Interim Police Chief Brian Manley told reporters early on Wednesday morning.

“As members of the Austin PD SWAT team approached the vehicle, the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle, knocking one our squad officers back and one of our squad officers fired at him as well.”


The motive of the bomber remains unknown.

Donald Trump reacted via Twitter announcing the news and praised the work of the authorities in Austin:

Austin police chief Brian Manley said that local residents should “remain vigilant”, and urged anyone who noticed a suspicious package to contact the authorities.

“We don’t know where the suspect has been over this past 24 hours,” he said, adding that it was possible that additional devices may have been distributed.

UPD (March 20): FedEx explosion

A package destined for an address in Austin, Texas, exploded at a FedEx distribution facility near San Antonio early Tuesday morning. The company’s employee is injured.

FBI spokeswoman Michelle Lee says, “We believe that the explosion is likely connected” to those earlier blasts.

The package detonated at around 12:25 a.m. local time at a facility in Schertz, Texas, northeast of San Antonio.

It’s the fifth explosion of a device either in Austin or meant to be delivered to the city.


“[T]he package was moving from an elevated conveyor belt to a lower section when it exploded,” the television station reports.

The package “contained shrapnel consisting of nails and pieces of metal, sources said,” according to the CBS affiliate, which said the Schertz facility has 75 employees.


Source: WOAI

 ‘Serial bomber’ suspected

Police in Austin, Texas, said the explosions are believed to be the work of a serial bomber.

Until now there was no official confirmation that the latest fourth explosion connected to the previous three as it was triggered by a tripwire.

Now, investigators say they have seen similarities in all four cases.

“We are clearly dealing with what we expect to be a serial bomber at this point,” Austin police chief Brian Manley said at a news conference on Monday.

“We have seen similarities in the devices that exploded here last night and the other three devices.”

Sunday night explosion

Two men were taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries after an explosion in a southwest Austin, Texas, neighborhood on Sunday evening, police said.

The incident became the fourth blast in the city in ten days.

The explosion happened just hours after Austin police made an unusual public appeal calling on whoever was responsible for a string of package bombs in the city to come forward.

At a press conference earlier Sunday, authorities announced that they would be doubling their reward for information leading to an arrest in the case, from $50,000 to $100,000, in the hopes that whoever sent the packages would come forward.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has also offered an additional $15,000 for any tips leading to an arrest.


Source: Tamir Kalifa / Reuters

Unlike the others

It’s unclear if the explosion on Sunday night was caused by another package bomb or was at all related to the previous blasts.

It was reported that unlike a string of other packages which were left on doorsteps, the package that went off Sunday was left by the side and may have been triggered by a trip wire, Police Chief Brian Manley said in a late-night press conference.

“We’re not believing that this was similar to previous ones, as in packages left on doorsteps. But instead this was some type of suspicious package that was left on the side of the road, that detonated and injured these two men,” Manley said.


Source: Austin-American Statesman/Nick Wagner via Associated Press

Police ask authorities to avoid all suspicious-looking packages.

“Not only do not touch any packages or anything that looks like a package, do not even go near it at any time,” Brian Manley said.

Previous bombs

The first bomb exploded on March 2, killing 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House, an African-American man who picked up a package outside his home in north Austin. At the time, investigators believed it was an isolated incident.

On March 12 there were two more bombs went off in the eastern part of the city killing 17-year-old Draylen Mason, an aspiring doctor and orchestra bassist and injuring  injured a 75-year-old Hispanic woman.


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Austin Bomber Mark A. Conditt Left Confessional Video - Here's What It Says About the Motive (Infographic)
Austin Bomber Mark A. Conditt Left Confessional Video - Here's What It Says About the Motive (Infographic)
Two people were injured in the latest explosion in Austin, Texas following the three previous explosions in last 10 days. Follow to know more.

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