Expert View on How to Outsource Support to Ukraine and Save Resources


The outsourcing market size worldwide reached almost $93B in 2019. It will surely trump the $100B mark in the near future, with exponentially scaling and enlarging outsourced client support market.


Outsourcing customer experience diminishes overall spending, lets the business concentrate on main functions, amends customer support, and allows for easy scalability. So, being aware of all outsourcing opportunities is vital for boosting revenue while maintaining great customer experience.

Ukraine is continuously gaining notoriety as an outsourcing haven, offering exceptional value without any detriment to the quality of service. When compared to the alternative outsourcing destinations, Ukraine is, undoubtedly, an amazing option.

Of All Places, Why Ukraine?
A number of sizable enterprises already publicly outsource to Ukraine, and more companies are definitely to come. Let’s dissect the main reasons why Ukraine is getting so much traction and why you might want to get in on outsourcing support services to Ukraine early:

  • Large language knowledge base. In all major Ukrainian cities, there are numerous high-quality university specializations and language courses, which annually produce thousands of linguistic experts in major languages of the world, including English, German, Polish, and French.
  • Technically Proficient Staff. Ukrainian businesses are dead set on developing their processes, as well as their staff. Ukrainian workers are adequately trained to work with various enterprise systems efficiently, including databases, CRM, account software, etc.
  • Competitively Priced Services. Ukrainian contractors have small fees for the quality of service they provide. Considering how qualified Ukrainian workers are, Ukrainian contractors are a serious competitor on the global outsourcing market.
  • Western Mentality. One of the biggest trade-offs when outsourcing (client support, especially) to the Asian region is the cultural difference. Many social cues and intricacies go unnoticed on both sides of the communication, which leaves clients infuriated. This doesn’t occur with Ukrainian contractors, because their culture is much more Western-centric than, for instance, those of India or Phillippines.
  • Negligible Geographical and Time Zone Differences. The country’s geographical proximity allows for easy cooperation because the working hours in Ukraine are close to every European country.
  • Partnership Model Flexibility. Companies of all sizes can find a suitable pricing and partnership model, from start-ups and SMBs to big enterprises.
  • Commercial Experience. Gradually becoming a new center for outsourcing various projects, Ukrainian businesses have accumulated invaluable experience of collaborating with eCommerce and SaaS, and they are ready to utilize this knowledge in work on future projects.

Expert’s Thoughts on Outsourcing Experience in Ukraine
Maya Momotok is the CEO of Wow 24-7, a forward-looking customer support services organization. The company has over 15 years’ experience of collaboration on various projects with clients from 21 different countries. She explains the experience of establishing and the main ideas behind the global omnichannel outsourcing company based in Kyiv and Lviv.

“Over these years, we have grown into a very considerably-sized company, which allows us to work with start-ups, SMBs, and bigger companies all over the world, including Israel, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, the US, among others.” – says Maya Momotok.

“This, of course, wasn’t the case in the beginning. At the start, we saw how much potential the outsourcing support market had, but we disagreed with the general practices of such businesses.” – explains Maya Momotok. “So, we decided to create an outsourcing client experience service that tackled the common problems of this industry.”

“We enabled the client’s control of the remote team as much as possible via a software solution so that the clients could interact with our employees as if they were in the same room.” – indicates the CEO of Wow 24-7. “Unlike other outsourcing support services, we approached the language question very seriously, making the candidates pass advanced language tests to prove their expertise and the ability to work as a support representative. Besides, most of our employees have studied languages in universities.”

“Lastly, we always try to enable our staff to improve their skills and increase expertise, because we give them the opportunity to partially take on other roles, including Account Manager, Tech Support Agent, among others.” – she adds. “These factors contributed significantly to the quality of our services and allowed us to accrue a good reputation. This is how we became a viable alternative for Asian support companies, and Wow 24-7 has numerous positive independent reviews on Clutch and other resources.”

How to Start Outsourcing Support to Ukraine
Maya Momotok indicates that, firstly, you should consider what kind of an environment Ukraine is. “Ukraine has one of the fastest-growing services export industries. We strive to integrate the newest practices and continuously amending our services. Being a boiling pot for the development of new technologies, we are often the first ones to implement new effective and innovative methodologies of work.” Later, the CEO of Wow 24-7 explains how they approach work with their clients.

1. Estimate and Project
“The first thing our clients do is project the number of interactions their businesses will have with the clients. This way, we settle on an appropriate partnership model. The client’s business type defines how our collaboration will proceed. Ecommerce environments require more selling agents, SaaS businesses need more technical experts, and start-ups rely on flexible models of cooperation.”

2. Team Training & Work Environment
“Then, the client has to put all of the needed information together to train the agents adequately. We swiftly start working on integrating our platform with your software work management environment, which can include coding.”

3. Improving & Scaling
“After the initial processes are put in place, we work on the further development of the collaboration with the clients as their business develops. Further training of agents, scaling up or down, changing the partnership model, working on new service offerings – this is all situational and unique to each of our clients.”

4. Communication
“We recognize that communication is the most important aspect of this field, which is why our professionals are always open to give free live consultations to determine the best partnership model for each client’s business. Every collaboration is unique and requires a specialized approach.” – concludes Maya Momotok.

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Expert View on How to Outsource Support to Ukraine and Save Resources
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