Expert House Builders: Unika Stenhus


A Swedish architectural firm is making headlines for all the right reasons. Unika Stenhus is a front runner architectural firm that provides sustainable and flexible stone houses. They build concrete houses that are absolutely customizable. This architectural firm showcases diverse and innovative designs in this day and age when progressive designs are a customer’s need. 


Unika Stenhus’s stone houses are intelligent creation of Ola Torrång, his imagination combined Japanese and Swedish architectural designs and added sustainability. It all began when Ola Torrång was working in Japan. His stone houses are inspired by the simplicity and flexibility of Japanese architecture. He began developing the prototype in the late 70s. Fast forward today, Unika Stenhus has set standards for sustainable housing. 

The combination of Japanese and Swedish architecture results in a beautiful and breakthrough Fairy Tale house that has both aesthetics and functionality. Unika Stenhus now has a reputation for feasible housing not only in Sweden but all around the globe. 

Concept Behind The Stone House: 

Unika Stenhus stone houses are a model of sustainability. They are a well-thought solution to the problem of energy conservation. These houses are also maintenance-free. Built with a concrete foundation and red-tiled roof, they are proven to conserve energy as its walls are an effective insulator. Ola’s stone houses also help in reducing energy bills. They absorb heat and keeps the home temperature well balanced throughout the day. A beautiful ceiling dome provides enough light during the day to illuminate the room and can be left open to get cold air.  

As we know concrete is a durable material, Unika Stenhus’s stone will definitely outlive you.  These concrete houses are less prone to decay or fire.

Customize According To Your Needs: 

Unika Stenhus is one of the very few firms that give you the complete freedom to customize your house according to your needs and comforts. Every Unika Stenhus concrete houses are customizable so they are not just 4 walls but fully equipped homes with all the joys of living.

These concrete houses are built strategically. Even the windows are placed thoughtfully for cross ventilation. The design of the house allows it to be extended easily to maximize and utilize the space inside the house. The house comes with 7 big rooms but can be extended to eight rooms without going through an extensive renovation. It can be expanded by moving the partition walls only. Perfect for a big family. 

Unika Stenhus provides a cozy living. A beautiful winter garden adds to the beauty of the house on both floors. You can even grow your favorite vegetables there. Little additions like recessed space on the walls can be used for building book or TV shelves. If you want, a laundry room can be made, attached to the washing area on the second floor. From a dressing table in the bathroom to a fish pound in the garden, you can get everything you wish to have in your household. 

Unika Stenhus concrete houses are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide you with everything you need and want. Its simplicity promotes sophisticated attraction and sustainable living. 

To find out more about Unika Stenhus, visit their website

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