EXCLUSIVELY Thor: Ragnarok End-Credits Scenes Explaining (and non-spoiler review)


Nexter knows you can’t wait till watching Thor: Ragnarok and desire to know more about it. Here we’ll tell you our feelings after watching it without spoilering.

But watch out for end-credits scenes explanation 😉

You’ve probably heard the expression that all Marvel Studios work in the same way. Thor: Ragnarok proves that franchise films strongly differ from each other.

Ragnarok is a unique and very innovative film. As critics announced before, this is the best film about the god of thunder mostly because of Tyika Vaititi’s directing style.

Actually, Ragnarok is a so-called reboot Thor. It’s full of jokes, dynamic actions and bright scenes. It contains literally everything –  exciting gladiators fights, space ships pursuits graphically as good as in Star Wars, many comics references and an unexpected ending. Seriously, we’ll bet you won’t predict the final.


Source: Marvel

Yet there are some cons.

The main antagonist – Hela – turned out to be as primitive as Malekith from the Thor: The Dark World. Seems like she wants to conquer and destroy everything … just because she can. However, she is not the only antagonist in the movie.

Despite that watching Thor: Ragnarok is not just necessary thing to do – it a must! If you like experiments and want to see exciting Marvel’s movie then hurry to the theaters. Even if you have not watched the previous episodes and familiar with the god of thunder only from Avengers.

In addition, spoilers!


What you might miss in post-credits scenes

First of all there are two end-credits scenes at the end of Thor: Ragnarok.

  •  Thor, Loki, and Thanos — Infinity War is coming

In Ragnarok’s first credits scene, Thor and Loki are trying to figure out where to go next, now that their homeland of Asgard has been vaporized.

They decide to set out on Earth just like in Mike Strazzinski Thor comics.

But as soon they embark on the journey, their ship encounters a bigger, darker, more ominous one. There are reasons to consider that it belongs to Thanos, the big bad villain that the Avengers will face in 2018’s Infinity War.

  •  The Grandmaster and the revolution

In Ragnarok’s second credits scene we see Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster — the secondary villain of the movie and ruler of the planet known as Sakaar. It seems that he’s been hiding out in some blue space chamber and the Sakaar rebels after the revolution.

The scene is very short and ends with the Grandmaster jokingly suggesting that he played an important role in the revolution because you can’t have a revolution without someone to revolt against. And it sounds quite logical. “It’s a tie!” the Grandmaster declares, before the screen cuts to black.

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