Exciting Hidden Features in iOS 13 Aimed Squarely at iPhones


Earlier this week Apple spent loads of time on stage presenting its keynote address, the discussion mainly centred around the most major new features and improvements the company saw fit to bequeath upon its new beastly powerful, yet exceedingly civilised, mobile operating system.

The newly polished, renovated, and much improved iOS 13 represents the culmination of Apple’s resources, expertise, and forward vision focused on successfully powering all of its smart devices, from flagship to range ending, over the course of the next 12 months.

Apple did a great job of extensively expounding upon the wonderfulness of the numerous newly added and various extensively revamped features now baked into its software. And that in itself is a great thing, considering iOS 12 focused almost entirely on fixing the mess created by iOS 11, leaving little novelty and innovation to dazzle its audiences with at the time.

Fortunately for iPhone users, Apple, from early hands-on reports, seems to have gotten it right this time having made the hard yards with iOS 12 the development team packed iOS 13 to the rafters with shiny, fluffy new goodness for the masses. However, faced with so many newly added features and improvements, users may have a tough task finding all.

Without a doubt, smartphone battery life, health, and longevity became an instant issue with the launch of the very first commercially available smartphone. Optimised Battery Charging attempts to overcome Apple’s major “Batterygate” ordeal by shining an even brighter spotlight on the rather dismal performance of smartphone battery life. When enabled, iPhones will learn the habits of their users and will only charge your iPhone battery completely full just before you need it again.

This will reassure regular perusers of online entertainment venues such as sportsbooks and casinos that they will wake to a fully charged device since people tend to spend lengthy periods of time at such establishments. If you are new to the online gaming world and on the lookout for a new venue it is highly advisable to first consult with one of the premier online affiliates like Silentbet.com since these sites make it their business to expertly assess and report on the various entertainment venues available around the online world. Also known for offering great advice via hundreds of reviews and helpful articles aimed at enlightening new starters looking for their ideal sportsbook and casino entertainment venue.

The second hidden treasure to come under the microscope, and perhaps the most useful hidden feature; iOS 13 now allows you to Silence Unknown Callers. In a practical sense, the potential convenience is offers may just overshadow the speed improvements, Dark Mode, and all others. When activated it routes calls from all unknown numbers not listed in your contacts directly to voicemail prior to the ringer even making a peep, cheerio spammy callers.

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