Examining the History of Slot Machines


Mostly all the modern-day slot machines require a play card with cash loaded onto it and the play is either touch screen or button operated instead of the traditional lever.

The first slot machine was created in the late 1800’s by Charles Fey in San Francisco, CA. It consisted of three windows, a rotating reel and lever, and an automatic machine that pushed playing cards up to the windows. To win there had to be matching cards of some sort. This machine was about the size of a store cash register. Over the next few decades the machines got larger and the games varied from playing card images to images of fruits, horseshoes, bells and other various symbols.

As the idea spread around the world, creators of slot machines added their own themes and methods for winning and placed these machines in places like bars and lounges for patrons to spend coins to play.


Even though the first casino or gambling house was not invented recently, 1638 to be exact, slot machines did not appear in them until much later. Now, casinos are mainly filled with slot machines for gambling thrill seekers to press their luck. The sights and sounds in casinos are full of bells, buzzing and music. There is the occasional screaming or yelling out from a player who has hit a jackpot at a slot machine. This doesn’t happen very often but those who enjoy the casino live for that potential moment.

Digital Play

Due to the fact that gambling is indeed addictive and the casino environment, particularly the slot machines, can be so inviting, the gaming industry has created virtual slot machine games to be played on your smart phone and other mobile devices. Of course, if you win on these platforms there is no cash reward but people still find joy in playing. These games draw you in with bright colorful imagery, cool sounds, and ease of play.

A leader in this market is Playtika, a company that created some virtual slots and casino games. There is always an invite to play 100 free games or something similar to get started in the hopes that the player will get hooked, lose a few games and be prompted to pay in order to continue to play. Playtika also implemented a feature to allow social networks of players who can meet up through the game and play against each other for added thrills.

Cyber/Internet Cafe

In the early 2000’s internet cafes were popping up everywhere. Typically, and by definition these were supposed to be places where people can use the internet for a fee and in some places still are. Many of them opened for gambling purposes later on and were shot down due to them being illegal gambling facilities. They provided mini virtual slot machine games where people could come and play for hours at a time.

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