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Throughout your educational career, you will have to attend a variety of schools. Some institutes you can simply apply for without any additional process. Others however such as college and university will require an in-depth application procedure. For example, a college application could require a fully drafted letter of intent together with proof of grades and test results from previous establishments.

Understandably this can seem like a daunting task to complete. As a young adult, you may find how to apply to college mind-boggling. You may have never dealt with anything like this before. Don’t worry though – you can always find help! If you arm yourself with knowledge about the app procedure, then it should be that much easier when you actually have to do it.

How long Does it Take to Fill Out an Application?

We will start with the time it takes to fill out a request. The application itself should take around 2 hours. Usually, an app form such as this for a college will contain a multitude of different fields that you have to fill out – as many as 40 potentially. This can be time-consuming, and you must think about the answers carefully. Do not rush this part! If you get it wrong and enter some incorrect info, you could mar your chances of acceptance.

Aside from the form itself, you also have to think about the time it takes to do other important processes. We have listed some of these that you may not have considered below:

– Information gathering (finding educational establishments and researching them)
– Choosing an actual institution (Which college do you want to go to?)
– Decide which college entry tests to take

All of these things added up and the time taken can soon increase. This is why it is vital that you understand how the process works and what is involved.

Keep Track of Your College Planning

Once all of the above is taken care of, you must then have at your disposal a heap of financial information and other documents. You must track and take care of all these papers so that you are ready when the time comes to submit your app.

As you will see below, it is ideal to create a checklist. Financial documents, in particular, are important – most establishments will require financial info so that they know if you can afford to have your education there or not. The following are some of the pre-planning finance docs you may require:

– Family financial information
– Family income tax figures
– Opportunities for financial aid
– Potential grants
– Opportunities for scholarships

In short, you must be aware of how you are going to fund your college education. To complement this, you must have the papers to demonstrate to the educational body how you are going to do this too.

The Personal Essay (and Any Supplemental Essays)

Finally, many learning institutes will require that you complete a personal essay. Think of this as an additional application essay. The contents and requirements of this document will vary greatly from school to school.

Usually, the essay subject will be an open-ended question such as “what are your main motivations in life?, or “Explain why you have chosen X college”. They could even ask why you have selected particular subjects. Or what you feel X school has to offer. These papers are designed to do several things:

– Assess your writing ability
– Look at your creative skill and thinking
– Gain insight into your personality
– Gain insight into your personal choices and circumstance

The ultimate aim, however, is to ascertain if you are deemed suitable for acceptance. Don’t forget that you can also look at online colleges, and also custom writing sites for additional help. Due to these facts, your personal essay must be immaculate and crafted to perfection!

College application checklist

The final part of understanding this task is to have a checklist. A checklist is vital to ensure that you have everything you need. If you don’t have a checklist, then you could easily miss an important document that you cannot complete the app without. The following is a list of the documents you may require:

– Application form
– Application cover letter
– Grade reports
– Test results
– Letters of recommendation
– Admission test papers

It is always advisable to double check with the educational establishment beforehand about requirements too – that way you can always add them to your checklist if there is something you have missed.

You should now have an exceptionally clear idea of how this app process works. If you are looking to move up to a new school soon, we hope you can make use of these tips and succeed in your endeavor – good luck!

Author Bio – Jeff Blaylock

Jeff Blaylock is a business communication trainer and consultant. He built his carrier helping people to endorse their writing and speaking skills. He’s been working in this field for a decent amount of time and is ready to share his knowledge.

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