Most Pirated Shows of 2018


It’s now an annual tradition for sites such as BitTorrent to release their list of the most pirated shows of the year. Usually Game of Thrones heads the pack, but 2018 saw the field left clear for some old rivals and relative newcomers.

If you haven’t yet partaken of this online bounty, there are various ways of going about it. The tried and tested method is to use file sharing sites giving you access to vast libraries of material which you can download straight to your computer. Although the authorities are constantly straining themselves to close down torrent sites that are still working, they frequently pop up again under slightly different names.

More recently, the trend has swung towards open source media player apps such as Kodi. With the addition of third-party plug-ins, these allow you to stream a wide selection of copyrighted material.

The Walking Dead

A worthy runner-up in recent years, AMC’s ever-popular zombie TV show garners the top spot in the 2018 poll. Based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, this series has earned plaudits for its depth of characterisation. Thanks to its willingness to kill off beloved regulars and its knack for memorable villains, it has maintained its popularity even in a marketplace crowded with other zombie offerings.

The Flash

Whereas Marvel’s TV offerings have tended towards gloom and introspection, DC’s team up with Warner Bros is all about bringing authentic comic book style colour and action to the small screen. And no more so than with The Flash. Now in its fifth season, this show has stayed true to the origins of its beloved superhero with storylines to do with alternative timelines, doppelgangers and metahumans. Watch it for the great FX and the laid-back performance of Grant Gustin in the title role.

The Big Bang Theory

Obviously unable to wait to see how their favourite characters end up, fans have rushed to download the twelfth and final season of this long-running sitcom. The only comedy show on the top ten list, this tale of Caltech geeks finding love and learning life lessons has been a consistent hit with audiences due to its combination of smart, tech-savvy humour, fanboy references and a standout turn by Jim Parsons as obnoxious super-geek Sheldon Cooper. Hell, even Stephen Hawking loved it, so why shouldn’t you?


Its original hero Ragnar Lothbrok may have expired in a pit of vipers, but this saga from the talented pen of Michael Hirst (The Tudors) has continued to press on towards a suitably blood-soaked conclusion. And if the thought of the show ending is enough to plunge you into a state of Scandinavian gloom, the good news is that there are already rumours of a spin-off.


The only show on the list to be brand new in 2018, Titans is a web series based on DC’s Teen Titans comic books. With all-round positive reviews, DC and Warner Bros have wasted no time in green-lighting a sequel, Doom Patrol.


He rights the wrongs of his father and looks damn good in green. With its intense flashbacks and visceral action sequences, this CW series set a new standard for superhero shows on TV. It’s given rise to several equally popular stablemates and forms the hub of what is now known in fandom as the Arrowverse.


Even though it only premiered in October, the fourteenth season of Supernatural makes it comfortably onto the list of the year’s most downloaded shows. America’s longest-running fantasy TV series, this epic story of brothers fighting demons and angels have spawned a whole sub-culture of fan fiction and live action role play. Carry on, you wayward sons.


Based on the cult movie by Michael Crichton, the first season of this science fiction show about a Wild West-themed amusement park was HBO’s biggest hit in years, so it’s no surprise that Season 2 features on our list of 2018’s most pirated series. While they have been some quibbles about the tangled narrative, viewers have generally found the mix of gunslinger gore and insights into Artificial Intelligence extremely compelling.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

A spin-off of Arrow and The Flash, this time-travelling show returned for a fourth season in 2018, with occult specialist John Constantine joining the team of misfit superheroes. While it hasn’t always been loved by the critics, the brash visuals, knockabout humour and strong CGI are definitely crowd-pleasing.


Love interest Meghan Markle may have departed the show for some other gig or other, but this legal drama has bounced back for a ninth season of more high-powered in-fighting, name-calling and writ-issuing. It’s strange that these alpha dog law partners never actually seem to help any clients, but hey, the tailoring is impeccable.

There are just a few of the shows available on the best torrent sites. And remember, by protecting yourself with a VPN, you can enjoy secure access to an array of prime content.

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