Erik Killmonger: 7 KEY Facts You Need to Know about Black Panther Enemy


“Black Panther” will be on February 16. has already mentioned the key about the main character – Black Panther

Also, you can check out the reasons why this movie is worth watching. But today we’ll tell you about Black Panther Enemy – Killmonger.

First appearance in Jungle Action #6-8

Erik Killmonger makes his first appearance in the series of Jungle Action comics published by Marvel Comics.

We meet him in the sixth issue released in September 1973. The creators of the character are Don McGregor and Rich Buckler.


Killmonger was born in  Wakanda and received a name of N’Jadaka. His family was forced to work for Klaw.

Eventually, Klaw ran away from the country, and the king of Wakanda – T’Challa – exiled N’Jadaka’s family.

After that, Killmonger decides to take revenge for his father death.

Killmonger Childhood

Source: Marvel

He named a village after him

As Killmonger is a trusted leader, his political and economic schemes make him the greatest after Black Panther.  

To prove this, Killmonger renamed the village he grew up after himself – N’jadaka Village.

Killmonger Marvel


Abilities and powers

  • Master of martial arts – he is highly skilled in the physical combat and can beat even the greatest – Black Panther.
  • Polyglot – Killmonger can fluently speak his native language, English, and many more languages.
  • He has PhD in Engineering and an MBA from M.I.T. And these are not just titles.
  • To become the next Black Panther, you need to apply Heart-Shaped Herb to your body. Killmonger developed the synthetic version, that gave him superhuman sense and peak human physical abilities.

Abilities and powers

Source: ToyLab

He has his own leopard!

He has several trained leopards, who perform his commands. For instance, Preyy, who was killed during one of the battles in Wakanda.



Killmonger is in love with Madam Slay

Madam Slay is a lover and a close friend of Erik Killmonger. After Killmonger’s first death, she was there for him and kept his body safe with secret herbs.

Together with Madam Slay, Killmonger made a plan on how to take over Wakanda and kill Black Panther.

Killmonger love Madam Slay

Source: The Peerless Power of Comics!

Portrayed by Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan portrays Erik “Killmonger” Stevens – the main antagonist of the movie “Black Panther”.

Despite he is Black Panther nemesis, he is extremely cute! Even his dreadlocks hairstyle resembles the original character hair.

Killmonger by Michael B. Jordan


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Erik Killmonger - 7 KEY Facts You Need to Know About Black Panther Enemy
Erik Killmonger - 7 KEY Facts You Need to Know About Black Panther Enemy
“Black Panther” will be released tomorrow, February 16. has already mentioned the key facts about the main character - Black Panther.
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