Elements of a Good Quality Wristwatch 


When you start wearing a wristwatch it becomes a part of you. It starts to have some meaning for you, thus you need to pick the one that looks more of you and describes your personality. When choosing the right watch for your wrist, you need to keep in mind that good quality for a watch matters. If it is not designed to last longer, then why would you buy it?

You may not notice the quality of the watch until you wear it for some time. Therefore, we have prepared you these 5 elements you need to keep in mind if you want to get yourself a great watch that will last a lifetime, and someday save it and give it to someone dear.

  • Material of the Watch

The material is most important, when it comes to quality watches, whether that would be for men or women, the style or the design. The common feature for quality watches is that they are made at least of stainless steel

Another quality material for these products is also gunmetal. It refers to a type of bronze – an alloy of mostly copper and small percent tin. No wonder why this material is called gunmetal since it is originally used for making guns and is largely replaced by steel. If the guns are made of it, you shouldn’t ask about the duration of the gunmetal watches. Lightweight rarely represents a high-quality watch, so check it before you buy it.

  • The Type of the Watch Glass

Quality watches have watch glass made of sapphire. It maintains a clear and scratch-free watch surface, which is not the case with average-quality watches with mineral or crystal glass surfaces. To be sure, check the dial or the back of the watch when it says that is made of sapphire.

  • Water Resistance of the Watch

Water-resistance is usually a good indicator that the watch is of good quality, but might not be the case every time. Some of the watches are designed for special events and occasions and might not be of waterproof materials, but rather with a canvas, like field watches straps are made of, but still count as good quality watches.

  • The Watch Straps

The watch straps need to be made of stainless steel or gunmetal, as we mentioned in some of the previous elements, to be included in the category of quality watches. What we didn’t mention is that some of the watch designs can be made of other materials that are not so heavier. We are talking about leather and canvas. Even though many of the watches come with straps in these materials, you should always check and try on the watch in the store. Although, leather straps and canvas allow you to change often replacement of the straps and freshen up your old watch.

  • The Name of the Brand

You may want to check the name of the brand before you get yourself a watch. Recognized brands tell a lot about the quality of the product. Although you may found some handmade quality watches that don’t connect themselves to a company or a brand. This is a rare situation but can happen. Always check the brand when choosing the right watch. They offer a big collection of watches along with a warranty. And branded watches are mostly recognized from afar.

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Elements of a Good Quality Wristwatch 
You may want to check the name of the brand before you get yourself a watch.
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