Eight Best Games That Sharpen Your Mind


Science reveals that word games and puzzles help improve your memory and overall mental acuity. Games that engage your mind are, therefore, a useful pastime that gradually enhances your IQ level.


Doing some mental exercises, in the form of word and number games can help:

  • Improve your memory and processing speed
  • Boost your overall brain activity
  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce the risk of dementia
  • Reduce boredom

The onset of technology has also introduced mobile versions of board games that users can derive mental benefits. Therefore, the next time you consider engaging in board games that have benefits to your brains; the following are some of the best options.

1. Scrabble

Most of the experienced scrabble players know that the game’s purpose is not solely for gaining an expansive vocabulary. As you unscramble words, you develop quick thinking and cognition skills that go beyond the formation of words. This helps you become a quick thinker and also improves your reasoning and memory.

The ability to understand how certain words can earn you extra points when setting in certain sequences calls for a sharp brain function. The brain, therefore, gains significantly from the recurrent visual word recognition. Playing scrabble allows you to bring into full use brain regions that are almost always idle in most human brains. In fact, research has shown that scrabble is one of the best games that can help the brain to train the alternate parts of the brain.

2. Queendom

Are you looking for a game that will challenge your mind with endless tests and surveys? Then Queendom is the perfect option for you. The game has an extensive collection of pastimes that can test your brain. This game stretches your mind beyond what you would ordinarily imagine.

Queendom includes aptitude tests that allow the players to engage in trivia quizzes. Consequently, the game pushes the brain beyond the usual neuro functions making the brain sharper. This game introduces a fun way to pass time while improving your brain’s overall functionality.

3. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are typical examples of brain trainers and challenge players with language. The game also enhances the ability to develop a wide range of knowledge from a broad spectrum of topics. The puzzle puts your brain to work as you figure out what fits where, as you try to solve the words.

In the end, this recurrent brain training may delay the loss of memory. Research shows that individuals who engage in crossword puzzles regularly also tend to have better cognitive functions, which is an important aspect of better mental health. The proven benefits are critical, especially for individuals showing early symptoms of dementia.

4. Lumosity

Lumosity is among the modern age games that capitalize on both the IOS store and the play store, which makes it easily accessible. The game offers an expanded set of games that can help sharpen your brain and enhance your memory. The game also has proven capabilities to stimulate the mind and increase concentration. Players with experience in the game also say that Lumosity enhances the users’ ability to solve mental tasks.

5. Sudoku

Sudoku stands out as one of the games that require a high level of thought. It is a game of problem solving, logic, and spotting patterns. The player has to follow trails and sequences that challenge their ability to plan. The game presents varying degrees of complexities and difficulty, and this helps to stimulate cognitive skills.

According to Sudoku research done by Oxford University, brainteasers such as Sudoku can help generate new brain cells. Mental stimulation over Sudoku puzzles can help ward off the decline in brain function that comes with age. The stimulation makes brain cells more resistant to diseases and hence live longer. The many mistakes one makes in the course of playing Sudoku are also useful because they assist in developing a resilient brain. Therefore, Sudoku can be a fun hobby and a great brain game.

6. Chess

There is a general notion that chess is a game for geeks and geniuses. Perhaps this notion is due to the underlying reality that the game requires exceptional mental skills. But just like all the other games, chess players start as beginners. Chess challenges the brain in a process that kindles the development of dendrites that improve brain signalling.

Chess players eventually develop a superior level of neural communication as the brain adjusts to increased processing power. Research also notes that chess can raise your IQ level over time as you regularly engage in the game. The level of concentration that chess players have also serves to show the effect of the game on the individual’s neuro system.

7. Happy Neuron

Happy neuron offers a variety of exercises divided into five categories with positive implications on a number of brain functions. To begin with, the exercises have lasting positive impacts on memory, helping players to get remarkable memory stability. The games also include a category that improves attention; hence, individuals with attention deficiency can benefit significantly from the game. It further improves a player’s executive function, leading to better reasoning and logical thinking. Playing of the game regularly also develops your visual and spatial skills.

8. My Brain Trainer

My brain trainer is another highly effective brain training game available online. The game includes a wide range of puzzles, games, and teasers that focus on the capacity to improve the brain’s ability. The exercises test the individual’s executive function, and over time, improve the brain’s functions. This brain trainer also increases an individual’s mental speed, which leads to quick thinking and interpretation.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a fun way to sharpen your mind, these eight games can really help you boost your overall brain activity. You can pick any of them, but it’s better to mix them up a bit because the brain is best exercised by a variety of brain exercises. Science and studies have proven that these brain puzzles can increase memory power, improve concentration, enhance neuro-communication, and raise your IQ. These games are also ideal leisure activities that can strengthen bonding with friends.

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Eight Best Games That Sharpen Your Mind
Science reveals that word games and puzzles help improve your memory and overall mental acuity.

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