Dressing for Yoga is a Little Complicated – Here’s Why


The history of yoga can be traced to the ancient Indians over 5000 years ago, although some scholars claim it’s been in existence for over two millennia! Nonetheless, it’s an art that has been practiced for ages for stress relief and improved overall health. While some practice it for religious purposes, in today’s modern world, yoga is a form of exercise that alleviates body stress, boosts blood circulation, and improves stability.


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The inspirational yoga photos on social media platforms such as Instagram will tell you something else about yoga attire. It’s a bit saddening that these days, some people are more focused on how they look in the gym rather than the sole intent of being there. Well, workout clothes can impact on your overall energy while exercising, but it should not be a deterring factor at all. All the same, it’s imperative to wear workout clothes that promote comfort and support, while boosting your motivation. But no kidding… in this digital age where you’ll want to take a selfie showing your progress in the gym and post it on your FB or IG page, you also have to look good while at it. But then again, you may not want to reveal too much, neither will you want to come out as an attention seeker. In a nutshell, picking your yoga outfit can at times be a daunting task. Sounds familiar?

Well, if this is your case, you need not fret. Here are some reasons why dressing for yoga is a bit complicated.

1. Comfort Means Everything in Yoga
Unlike in other workout routines where it really doesn’t matter what you wear to the gym, it matters what you wear to your yoga workout class! One thing to note is that yoga puts a lot of emphasis on both air and blood circulation in your body. You want to ensure that you have enough air circulating in your lungs and on your skin. This might explain why most guys would give anything to be in a yoga class doing nothing but rather checking out the ladies!

It’s imperative to wear tight and fitting clothes that don’t retain moisture. In addition to this, the clothes you choose for yoga (especially the bottoms) should be soft on the skin, allow flexibility, and provide some sort of antibacterial protection. This means carefully selecting the kind of material that makes your yoga gear. According to yoga fashionistas at https://www.americanyogaassociation.org/best-leggings/, there are several fabric options to choose from when it comes to yoga leggings/pants but only three seem to be the best. These include cotton, synthetic, and blends, each of which offers its own pros and cons as follows:

  • Cotton – Cotton has a soft feel and it’s an absorbent material. In addition to this, unlike other materials such as silk, cotton yoga pants and tops will never leave you itchy or irritated. However, cotton pants can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to breathability and fading.
  • Blends – Choosing between blends can seem like an overwhelming decision because while some options will provide you with the comfort you need, some will not provide you with the best supportive capabilities. So you want to be extremely cautious when sifting through yoga blended materials.
  • Synthetics – If you’re out looking for synthetic yoga pants, leggings, or tops, you’ll be spoilt for options. Some common options include spandex, nylon, and polyester. You can also find a combo of two or more fabric types. Synthetic materials maintain their shape but the caveat is that they can develop some odors over time and they also tend to pill easily.

2. Support


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Yoga is considered a low impact exercise. But don’t be fooled, things can get a bit involving! Ever heard of aerial yoga and its numerous benefits? Well, you may be missing out on a lot of fun if you haven’t tried it. Depending on the type of yoga workout routine you’re on, you may regret the type of clothes you wear to the gym. For the ladies, wearing the right supportive bras to your yoga classes can help a great deal when stretching and extending. Depending on your cup size, you want to ensure that your breasts are supported enough to prevent back pains, stretch marks, and sagging. Here are tips for choosing the right supportive yoga bra for yoga:

  • Choose a bra that fits
  • Go for comfort and support
  • Jump-test the bra before leaving the sports utility shop
  • Choose the best shape that is appropriate for your breasts
  • Have a workout routine in mind before wearing a yoga workout bra

3. Don’t Forget the Calves
Among the many things discouraged while practicing yoga include shoes and socks. But sometimes, you may need to take your yoga workouts to the next level. Working out outdoors provides you great air circulation and in addition to this, nothing beats the feeling you get being one with nature while practicing yoga and loving it. But it can get extremely chilly especially during the cold winter months. You, therefore, want to ensure that you have the right supportive shoes and socks. But then again, you also want to ensure that the gear you choose for your lower limbs will prevent you from soreness and cramps. Compression calf sleeves can also provide extra support while protecting your feet from cramps and soreness. They’ll also allow flexibility while also providing you with the much-needed comfort even during the cold weather.

4. Layer Up


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Before hitting the gym or your practice spot for yoga, it’s always essential to think about your warmth. For a minute, let’s consider yoga as a low-impact workout. This means that it may take some time to warm up before you get things going. So, always consider wearing thin layers of clothing that can be shed with ease if need be. Essentially, maintaining a warm core body temperature when working out will help to loosen your muscles and in addition to this, prevent you from chilling out during the relaxation phase.

And there you have it. By now, you can tell why your lady or your man always wants to get things right when preparing for yoga classes. Yoga is not just a workout routine – it’s a practice, or more precisely, a discipline! Having the right gear can make a huge difference between a successful yoga session and having your pals at the gym looking down on you. For the said reasons, selecting a yoga outfit is not always a walk in the park, but the information in the pointers above can hopefully take a huge load off your shoulders, improve your yoga experience, and amplify your results.

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Dressing for Yoga is a Little Complicated - Here's Why
The history of yoga can be traced to the ancient Indians over 5000 years ago, although some scholars claim it’s been in existence for over two millennia!

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