Top 7 Disney Conspiracy Theories That Will Definitely Freak You Out


Check out some crazy and mind-blowing conspiracy theories about Disney and Pixar movies, Teenage stars and Disneyland.

Please note that doesn’t support any of these theories – they just went viral.


Why Disney teen stars go wild

Probably, you have noticed that most of the Disney teen stars really change as the years pass. In the TV-shows, they are the symbol of childhood, kindness, innocence and naivety.

But after a while, all of the teenage stars start showing their skin, behave inappropriately and, eventually, become a meme.

Look at these pictures of the most famous Disney start before starting a career and now:

Miley Cyrus

disney Miley Cyrus

Source: ednaelizabeth

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne

See the difference? It’s like a well-planned consistent pattern repeating itself over and over again. Some people think, Disney makes teen stars go crazy, but, probably, the reason why it happens is an inability to break a contract.

Simple as that: a girl wants to end her contract, but Disney refuses to do so, that’s why she decided to release some half-naked pictures or videos to make Disney cut her contract.

See also, Disney animatronic fails may be a conspiracy too:


Boo is the witch from ‘Brave’


Source: Disney

Characters from “Monsters, Inc.” have an ability to teleport from their dimension to the human world. The witch from “Brave” disappears when she goes through the door. What a coincidence, huh?

Of course, the events in “Brave” take place long before time depicted in “Monsters, Inc.” But, what if there is the door that can take you back in time?


Source: Disney

Moreover, look at the witcher’s carvings: it’s definitely Sulley!


Toy Story 3 shows Holocaust


Source: Disney

 This cartoon has a great deal of parallels to the worldwide tragedy – Holocaust. The setting of Toy Story 3 (the toys are left abandoned) is quite an allegory to the situation during to the Third Reich when Jews were forced to leave their home and hide from offenders.

Also, the toys are sent to Sunnyside Daycare, which alludes to a concentration camp. And the moment when toys are to be burned in the giant incinerator? You decide whether this conspiracy theory is true.

Aladdin’s world is post-apocalyptic future


Source: Disney

Genie calls Aladdin’s clothes “much too third century”, which means he probably was present in the 3 century AD. Genie was trapped in the lamp for 10,000 years, so it is then about 10,300 AD when he is released.

Also, there is a buried down Stop sign in the game “Aladdin Genesis”, which mean that the events take place long after our modern time.


Source: Alladin Genesis

Aladdin Subliminal Message

In the script of the movie, it is written, “Good kitty, take off and go!” However, the number of people claim they hear something like “good teenagers take off their clothes”.

Hard to say what he is actually saying, but it’s definitely neither “kitty”, nor “teenagers”.

Lion King Subliminal Message

When Simba lies down on the edge of the hill, a cloud of dust makes a word “sex” spelled out in the particles.

Disney says it’s the abbreviation “SFX” – the special effects team worked on Lion King.


Mickey Mouse disturbing creepypasta went viral and shook a lot of Internet users. It’s considered a “lost” Mickey Mouse cartoon that was discovered by Leonard Maltin who was looking for the old material for the DVD compilation.

According to the legend, when Maltin first watched the video, he found it creepy, left the room and ask an assistant finish watching. After that, the assistant uttered the phrase “Real suffering is not known” several times and killed himself with a gun he took from a guard.

Obviously, it’s not true. But, nevertheless, the movie is quite disturbing and scary.



Source: Disney

Not such a fairy tale for Disneyland employees as you think. The change in the working system of parks increased the workload (exhausting six-day schedule). Some of the Paris employees couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide. One of them hung himself and left a message on the wall: “Je ne veux pas retourner chez Mickey” (I don’t want to go back to Mickey’s house).
After a while, a new name for Disneyland appeared “Mousewitz”, alluding to the concentration camp Auschwitz.

Find out more about amazing Disney technologies that are scary sometimes:


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7 Top Disney Conspiracy Theories That Will Definitely Freak You Out
Check out some crazy and mind-blowing conspiracy theories about Disney and Pixar movies, Teenage stars and Disneyland.
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