Different Places To Put Wallpics Photo Tiles In Your Home


Making your home beautiful is not at all difficult if you know which home décor suits it. You also need to understand what to place where and why. When you have an answer to all these questions, then it becomes easy to decorate your house and turn it into a paradise. Perhaps that is why you are advised to choose a wall décor which can be placed in different rooms of your home and make it look attractive. Wallpics is one such wall decorative items which can be put in different places in the home and still it will look amazing. Drive through the write-up to learn more about Wallpics and how it can transform the look of your abode.

Why choose Wallpics?

Wallpics is a customized photo tile which can be placed on the wall of your home in an effortless manner. You just need to choose the pictures that you want to get customized and turn it into a Wallpics Stickable Photo Tiles. After this, you can stick it on the wall with respect to which you ordered Wallpics. There are many reasons for choosing Wallpics and these are:

It can stick easily to the wall

The sticky substance present at the back of Wallpics is special and is so good that it leaves no mark on the wall. This way your walls remain damage free, thereby saving you a lot of money from wall renovation. These Wallpics do not even need a nail or screw to hang on the wall and so you do not need to do the tedious work of drilling a hole in the wall.

It is affordable

You do not have to spend a huge amount of money for Wallpics as the cost of three pictures set is $35 and for each additional snap, you will have to pay $9. As these pictures can be reused and can be moved from one wall to another so this makes it value for money.

It is unique

Unlike photo frame, these Wallpics are unique. You can get the pictures customized in a trendy way and place it in any style, such as zigzag, horizontal, vertical, etc. The photographs are yours so it will always remain unique in a real sense and you will be able to get inspired by these photos whenever you feel depressed. It will let you remember that you had good days and more will come.

As of now, you must have learned how Wallpics can make your home beautiful. However, you must not be aware till now what are the different places in your home to place Wallpics. Scroll down to learn more about it.

Living Room

Your living room is a place of your house where you spend quality time with your guests, friends, and family. You talk, watch TV, and enjoy a fun time together here. In addition to this, the living room is the place which your visitors get to see and so making it look attractive is necessary, as it will create an impression on others about you. Keeping this in mind, it is advised to make use of Wallpics by placing it in the living room.


A bedroom is a place where you spend your most beautiful moments with your partner and also it is the place where you relax. Being a superb place to unwind, the bedroom is the place which needs to be decorated in the most sensible manner. You cannot put just anything that looks pretty on the walls of your bedroom. You need to be creative and yet sober when decorating this part of your home as it holds the chord of your life. When you are tensed and you look for comfort, it is this place where you feel what it means to be you.

That is why Wallpics appear to a perfect wall décor option for your bedroom. You can put not many but some special photos of your love and life. The pictures that relax your mind, release tension and brings a smile to your face. Make your bedroom a place where you see what you want to see and not what others would like. Unlike the living room this place gives you the space to try something new, so place any photo that gives you comfort and makes you enjoy your life to the utmost.


The kitchen is one part of the home which has changed a lot since the time of its inception. Earlier it was more of a secluded area, but today the concept of the open kitchen has changed its existence. Perhaps that is why nowadays people try to keep their kitchen more artistic and creative with wall decors that can turn the eyes of anyone. Wallpics help you a great deal in this work as it allows you to make your home look beautiful with amazing pictures taken by you. These photos could be funny, not strictly related to food but more of inspirational. The photos that tell you there is a silver lining and make you believe in yourself. His way when you are doing dishes or cooking food alone and the loneliness just makes you feel like hell, then it is these Wallpics that will make you feel motivated. It will let you know that all the bad days are going to pass, so that you may continue doing your household chores in a zealous way.


Wall decorative items are not just to make your home look appealing to others, but it has other purposes too. For instance, making you feel at home, letting you know that this is your territory where you can be you and have fun the way you like. Wallpics understands this and that is why it helps you in making your home special with the memorable moments captured in your camera. The aforementioned places are the best location for your Wallpics. Therefore, place the order for these customized photos and place it in your home to make your home attractive and beautiful not only for others but also for yourself.

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