‘Den of Thieves’: 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Watch It and Just 1 Reason Pro


‘Den of Thieves’ hit the theaters on Jan 19.

Read this article before going because Nexter.org knows 4 reasons you absolutely shouldn’t waste your time on it.

The plot

There’s not much in the heist drama Den of Thieves that hasn’t been said or done better or more elaborately in dozens of other similarly themed films.

The story is about a band of robbers comes up with an intricate and outrageous plan to rob the apparently impenetrable Federal Reserve in Los Angeles. The heroes, the sheriff’s department, are led by “Big Nick” Flanagan (Gerard Butler), who, frankly, is a huge jerk.

Big Nick – the head of the elite department of the Los Angeles police. He daily proves that his team is steeper than those they hunt. When the cop finds out that the legendary and elusive thief is planning a bold robbery of the US Federal Reserve Bank, he decides to prevent it anyway.

“50 Cent”

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is most known for his music career, but has spent over a decade working as an actor. He has appeared in the semi-autobiographical film Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Starz’s Power, and Righteous Kill. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson starring as the family-man member of the heist crew  Levi Enson. But we don’t expect much from his play. He’s doing better in music than in cinema.


The only really nice scene

Still there’s only one warm, funny scene, Enson meets his teen daughter’s prom date. He quietly leads him into a garage/gym area, filled with huge, muscular, scary-looking tough guys. “Have her back at 11:30, OK?” The date eagerly agrees.

Christian Gudegast

Screenwriter Christian Gudegast makes his directorial debut on “Den of Thieves”. His previous writing credit was another terrible Gerard Butler movie, “London Has Fallen.”

Behind the camera, Gudegast’s technique seems to be to try to preserve every precious word he has written, so much so that information tends to be repeated again and again.

During one sequence, a character has trouble with a walkie-talkie and explains it — four times.

The movie trudges on to a lethargic, flabby 140 minutes.

Moreover, the droning, monotonous shootout sequences that open and close the movie only indicate that Gudegast loves his guns. He shows plenty of people firing, but forgets to show anything being hit.


Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler’s name has become synonymous over the years for his presence in the action film genre. Despite the number of other terrible like Olympus Has Fallen, The Bounty Hunter, Geostorm he still remains to be the handsome guy from RocknRolla and The Ugly Truth. His role of brutal cop still gives us a one more chance to see him on the screen.


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'Den of Thieves': 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Watch It and Just 1 Reason Pro
'Den of Thieves': 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Watch It and Just 1 Reason Pro
'Den of Thieves' hit the theaters on Jan 19.
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