Deadpool to Steal Thanos’ Girlfriend – Lady Death + 8 More HOTTEST Facts About the Badass Anti-Hero


The release date of ‘’ is scheduled for May 18, 2018. It’s high time to learn all the craziest facts about the main character – Deadpool. 


Source: Marvel Studios

Why “Deadpool”? 

Wade Wilson has cancer and was supposed to die in the near future, but he was offered to undergo the radical medical experiment to survive the disease.

This is how he received Wolverine healing powers and become nearly immortal. Not many patients survived the experiment, that’s why the one who lives is called “Deadpool.”

Yellow caption boxes


Source: Marvel

Marvel used yellow captions to represent that Deadpool has the unique voice. Sometimes, the editors even colored the whole box in yellow. What to say, such character should have an individual representation.

Forth wall breaker 

Deadpool is the biggest forth wall breaker in comics history! The writers began with the simple character communicative features, and then Deadpool started to address all pop-cultural celebrities, actors, singers.

Even his game character attacks with his life bar during the battle.

Familiar costume… 


Source: Marvel

Probably, you’ve noticed the costume is somehow similar to Spider-Man’s. This is because Deadpool’s creators used Spider-Man’s costume as an inspiration. That’s why their costumes are often confused.

The interesting fact is also that the Deadpool costume used for the movie had a muscle layer underneath, it was removed as Ryan Reynolds was so muscular the costume was too tight for him.

Deadpool is almost immortal 

The experiment made him not only super powerful but also nearly immortal. He was blown up by Punisher and still managed to survive.

Deadpool was also smashed into small pieces millions of times, shot, set on fire, and still nothing! The badass hero is always back to life thanks to his regenerating powers.

Insane chattering 

Hard to believe, but immortality and regeneration skills aren’t the main weapons of the badass anti-hero Deadpool. He is known for his scandalous ability to chat non-stop and drive his enemies crazy.

Death and Deadpool


Source: Marvel

Looks like not only Thanos is a friend of Death! But before that,  was led by a mysterious woman, Death, whom he consequently had fallen in love with. She told him to kill his previous lovers and children and stop trying to hold his powers and desires to murder.

 had killed many for her love, but she kept saying he was not ready. The mysterious love of his life was actually Death. To be with her forever, he was supposed to exterminate the population of Titan. So he had done it.

Then Death met Deadpool and ask him to do the same. Thanos got really angry and made Deadpool completely immortal to prevent him from having a relationship with Death.


In basic terms, pansexuality (omnisexuality) means that you can be attracted to men or women, a transgender person, a person who does not identify with the gender at all, or yes, a heterosexual person. It means you don’t think about gender when considering a romantic partner.

Deadpool is omnisexual, he is whatever sexual orientation his brain tells him to be at the very moment. Also, he can create the organs he needs at this particular time.

In love with Spider-Man

The sweetest attitude ever seen is Deadpool’s desire for Spider-Man to be his best friend. Spider-Man isn’t sure about this relationship, but Deadpool is convinced he’ll make him fall in love with him.

So, now you know everything about Deadpool! You still have some time to get to know the main antihero of the upcoming movie, Cable.

Check out also Deadpool quiz and learn which character are you!


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Deadpool to Steal Thanos' Girlfriend - Lady Death + 8 More HOTTEST Facts About the Badass Anti-Hero
Deadpool to Steal Thanos' Girlfriend - Lady Death + 8 More HOTTEST Facts About the Badass Anti-Hero
The release date of ‘Deadpool 2’ is scheduled for May 18, 2018. It's high time to learn all the craziest facts about the main character - Deadpool.

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