Awful Storm Friederike: 9 People Dead, Disruption for Millions in Western Europe (Video)


At least nine people in four countries died including two firefighters in a deadly storm that wreaks havoc across Western Europe.

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Key facts

A powerful storm that brought hurricane-force winds has left at least nine people dead across Europe and shut down transportation systems in parts of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, according to Deutsche Welle. The storm will soon reach Poland.

In Germany, five people were killed, including two firefighters that were helping with clean-up efforts in Germany, when they died.

Winds reached up to 203 kilometers an hour (126 mph) as the storm, named Friederike, caused disruption for millions of people.

Roughly 100,000 people living in the state were left without electricity, a spokesman for the energy company Westnetx said.

The powerful winds have plunged rail and air travel services into chaos. Flights at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam – one of the busiest in Europe – were briefly suspended and two of its three departure halls were closed after roof plates were blown off the terminal building. Many domestic flights between Munich and Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne have also been canceled and Dutch authorities temporarily canceled all flights in and out of Amsterdam as wind gust reached up to 140 kmh. 

People shared plenty of videos with the destroying winds:

Here are the photos of Europe deadly storm:


Source: Reuters


Source: PA


Source: EPA

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Eight people died including two firefighters in a deadly storm that wreaks havoc across Western Europe.
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