Justice League: Huge Disaster or Modest Success?


Justice League performed with only $96 million on opening weekend and it’s the weakest box office of all the DCEU films.

Everybody will agree that Justice League is something similar to Marvel’s Avengers but in fact, it didn’t raise so much as it was expected. And actually, it was obvious.

Comparing with other DC movies, we see that League takes the fifth position right after Wonder Woman with $103.25 million and Man of Steel – $116.6 million. The most successful is Batman v Superman that earned $166 million on its first weekend.


For those, who don’t know, Justice League is a superhero movie features five main characters – Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg – whose unexpected aim is to save the world with the help of the Amazon warriors.

  • Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman. She’s still the same naive and justice-seeker as in Wonder Woman movie. However, especially attentive Twitter users noticed that Amazons’ outfits in League differ from those in the Wonder Woman film. In addition, some say the Justice League Amazons costumes look hypersexualized.

  • Batman played by Ben Affleck looks miserable and poor, as he feels guilty for Superman’s death. At the same time, it seems that there’s something between Batman and Wonder Woman as they are flirting during the events and playing in such way with our imagination.
  • Aquaman played by Jason Momoa is a typical brutal macho, who together with Flash adds comical moments in such serious film. Sometimes it was tough to forget about his Khal Drogo character in the Games of Thrones.
  • Cyborg actually wasn’t bad, his life story is a sad drama, that won’t remain indifferent.

Source: DC

And a little Spoiler…

Superman surprisingly returns to life. Of course, it’s a hard thing to give up on such beloved character. And as always love saves the world Superman and he joins the league.


Source: movieweb.com


Still, it’s not the end and the box offices may change as Thanksgiving weekends are coming, so it is expected that the number of viewers will raise. The movie failed in Germany and Britain, but it became popular in China with $51.7 million on its first weekend.

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