6 Crazy Things Happening During Flight – Woman Woke Up to Find She Was Left Alone on the Dark Plane


You’ll be surprised to know how many incidents happen with people during the flights. Nexter.org has prepared for just some of them and promise they will blow your mind! 

Waking up in an empty dark plane


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Facebook user ‎Deanna Noel-Dale‎, shared a post to Air Canada’s page on Wednesday on behalf of her friend, Tiffani Adams. The story detailed a terrifying experience that Adams had after she fell asleep on an Air Canada flight and woke up hours later to find that the plane had landed and she was the only person left on board.

Adams woke up around midnight, freezing cold and on a pitch black plane. That’s when she realized everyone had deplaned without waking her.

Adams texted her friend to let her know she was alone on the dark plane, and seconds after the two started a FaceTime conversation Adams’ phone died.

Likely the woman found a flashlight and waved through the window until a luggage cart drove by and saved her.


When a passenger opens plane exit instead of toilet


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 passenger on a UK-Pakistan flight at Manchester Airport caused severe delays after opening the emergency exit door in an attempt to reach the bathroom while the plane was still on the ground.

A spokesman for the airline told CNN the passenger had opened the door thinking it was the bathroom, but all passengers were safe.


Source: Twitter

Forty passengers were offloaded following the incident, during which “the exit slide deployed automatically,” PIA said in a statement.

When passenger forgot her baby 

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "home alone kevin gif"

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A passenger plane reportedly had to turn around and go back to a Saudi airport after a mother left her baby at the terminal.

The Saudia flight from Jeddah was said to be on its way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when the woman realised she was missing her child and alerted cabin crew.

The pilot then had to request permission to return to Jeddah from baffled air traffic controllers, Arab media reported.

The woman had left the child behind in the departure lounge at King Abdul Aziz International Airport, according to Gulf News.

A voice recording, which has been widely shared online in the Arab world, reveals how puzzled aviation staff tried to deal with the crisis.

The pilot reportedly asked them: ‘May God be with us. Can we come back or what?’ One of the controllers can then be heard asking a colleague: ‘This flight is requesting to come back…a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing.’

Scorpion attacks passenger 


Source: Reuters / Faisal Al Nasser


A woman on an Air Transat flight from Toronto to Calgary on Feb. 26 was startled when she was stung by a scorpion shortly before the plane landed.

Quin Maltais is from Yukon and is studying in Alberta. She was in the last hour of a four-hour flight when she started to feel a fluttering motion on her lower back.

“I just kind of ignored it,” she said, thinking the air conditioning on the plane was blowing down her back.

“As soon as the lights turned off again, closer to when we’re literally about to land, I felt the piercing pain on my lower back, like, oh, my God, something bit me.”

She said she was freaking out: “I looked behind me on the seat and then I saw movement and there was a scorpion that was in the fold toward the back of the chair.”

“There was a scorpion in my sweater. It was on my back for the past 30 minutes … it was like four inches [about 10 cm], maybe,” she said, adding that she wondered “what is that doing on a Canadian flight.”

Snake on a plane


Passengers on board an AeroMexico flight came face to face with a deadly five-foot long viper while traveling to Mexico City in what was previously only a movie scene, brought terrifyingly to life.

The snake made itself known to its fellow passengers by suddenly plunging out of an overhead locker during the two-hour flight from Torreon in the northern state of Coahuila.

A video recorded by passenger Indalecio Medina shows the viper slithering above seats before suddenly dropping down and dangling overhead.


 Is fuel meant to be gushing from the wing like that?

A United Airlines flight to Venice was canceled after a passenger spotted fuel pouring from a wing while the aircraft awaited clearance to take off.

The Boeing 767-300 was about to depart from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey when it was forced to return to gate after someone in a window seat alerted crew to a fuel leak in its left wing.

A video posted on social media showed fuel gushing from the plane onto the apron. The Twitter user who tweeted the video, known as Rachel, said: “How not one crew member saw this is beyond me. Thank god we were looking out the window at take off.”


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6 Crazy Things Happening During Flight - Woman Woke Up to Find She Was Left Alone on the Dark Plane
6 Crazy Things Happening During Flight - Woman Woke Up to Find She Was Left Alone on the Dark Plane
You'll be surprised to know how many crazy incidents happen with people during the flights. Nexter.org has prepared for just some of them and promise they will blow your mind! 

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