12 CRAZY Facts About North Korea You Won’t Believe, But They Are True


North Korea is now taking part in the Olympics 2018 and this fact surprises people all around the world.

Nexter.org prepared for you more interesting facts about North Korea.

Kim Il-sung is believed to be an eternal leader

Despite the fact that someone else is currently reigning North Korea, Kim Il-sung will be the “forever” leader.

Source: Wikipedia

Haircuts are approved by the supreme leader

There are only 28 styles approved by Kim Jong-Un.

Men can choose among 10 hairstyles, and women can decide between 18 various styles.

Source: Imgur

Marijuana is legal in North Korea

Pot is considered to be legal in this country.

For instance, American soldier Allen Abshier defected to North Korea while serving in South Korea. He has been caught smoking marijuana five or six times.

Source: Cannasos.com

Elections are fake

The citizens line up to hand out their votes with only one option on the ballot.

Not surprising that Kim wins with 99-100% positive results.

Source: cnn.com

They have another calendar

North Korea calendar begins with Kim Il-Sung’s birth, 15 April 1912. So, now it’s 106 year, not 2018.

Source: Wikipedia

North Korea punishment

If a citizen of North Korea breaks the rule, they and their family are sent to the prison camp, so-called work camps. There are 16 of them.

The punishment works for three generations. Check out the story of Shin Dong-hyuk that grew up in a prison camp.

Source: Sarcasm

Children are forced to work during the school day

Those, who aren’t in the work camps for their parents’ crimes, are still forced to perform hard labor during the school.

Source: The Culture-ist

They have their own computer OS

“Red Star OS” is installed on North Korea computers, which is designed only in the Korean language.

Source: Geektimes

Also, they have their own intranet

“Kwangmyong” – was opened in 2000, and includes the browser, email, news and search tools.

Source: Washington Post

The places of interest

Kim Jong-il’s body was placed in a glass tomb and became the wide popular places to visit.

Source: VosIzNeias

Citizens hand over human feces

North Korea government demands citizens to provide with feces as its the main fertilizer.

Probably, the country is really lack of organic resources.

Source: ListAmaze

Film propaganda

Kim Jong-il threatened Shin Sang-ok and his wife in order to make him direct films about the “welfare” of the country and their family.

Shin Sang-ok escaped years later.

Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Death penalty

Death given are sentenced for distributing pornography, watching movies not approved by the governments and possessing Bibles.

North Korea one of the last six countries to still perform public executions after  Saudi Arabia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Yemen.

Source: ListAmaze


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12 CRAZY Facts About North Korea You Won't Believe But They Are True
12 CRAZY Facts About North Korea You Won't Believe But They Are True
North Korea is now taking part in the Olympics 2018 and this fact surprises people all around the world.
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