Corporate Security – Useful tips for employees to ensure safety


Cybercrime is a real and omnipresent threat today. Not only big corporations and companies but even small businesses today are being affected by cybercriminals. Sensitive company data is being lost or leaked. Hence, it is important that every company lays down some corporate security norms. Equally important is that all employees are made aware of them for better overall security.


Here are some useful tips that can help you manage your company’s corporate security better.

Safeguard your data:
It might sound obvious, but safeguarding your company’s data and not leaking it, even accidentally, is crucial. Sensitive information or intellectual property of the company can get accidentally exposed. For instance, if you share a picture on social media that shows your company’s whiteboard in addition to a computer screen, you might be disclosing some sensitive information to the outside world.

With this in mind, remember to exercise some caution at work. In other words, avoid sharing any personal or official data like passwords, company emails or any private information with anyone. Additionally, using a secure file transfer system which encrypts all information and allows access only by an authorized recipient is the best way forward.

Beware of phishing scams:
Employees really need to be cautious against phishing scams nowadays. Cybercriminals today have devised numerous ways to hack into computer systems and companies with a large number of computers and employees are always at risk of cyber-attacks. Hence, always be aware of suspicious emails and attachments that ask for sensitive information. Set strong mail filters and keep an active blacklist and whitelist of mail addresses. It is equally important for employees to use strong and different passwords for each account and for the different computer systems in the office. Furthermore, employees can type URLs into the search bar instead of clicking links that might lead to a malware-infested site.

Restrict third-party access:
It might be surprising but data breaches often begin from the inside. In order to avoid this, it is crucial to limit employee access to sensitive company information. The best way to go about this is to monitor third parties. Consultants or contractors, especially have temporary access to the company’s computer network and other vital data. Restricting third-party access in certain areas is hence vital. Using a secure connection gateway having the capacity to access Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Secure Shell (SSH) and other Windows applications will be helpful too.

Exercise caution with software downloads:
Downloading and installing multiple software applications is routine in any company these days. Many employees, however, are under the notion that software downloads are safe if the software is from a reliable brand. That, unfortunately, isn’t always the case.  There are countless websites that offer free versions of trusted software brands. However, they often include Trojans, spyware, worms, viruses and other forms of malware.

For this reason, it is essential to run all downloads through a reliable antivirus scan. Limiting downloads to certain notified business machines would be useful too. The best option is for the company to have a download protocol that all employees understand.

Using DLP solution for preventing data leaks:
Sensitive company data leaks have become quite common these days. To prevent that, using a DLP (Data Leak Prevention) software is essential. This software actively monitors sensitive data and prevents it from leaving the local network. The DLP software will classify and regulate critical business information and ensure that anything outside of the normal settings can be blocked from causing any data loss or damage. In addition to this, the DLP solution will also alert IT security about potential threats to the data.

Stay alert, stay cautious and stay safe are the digital mantras for securing your corporate network!

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Corporate Security – Useful tips for employees to ensure safety
Cybercrime is a real and omnipresent threat today. Not only big corporations and companies but even small businesses today are being affected by cybercriminals.

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