Coolest Features iOS 13 Will Drop Onto Your iPhone This Fall


Each year when Apple chooses to announce the latest additions and improvements to its operating system at the WWDC, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information thrown at you.

And this year is no different with the announcement of iOS 13 Apple once again let audiences across the world gasp and giggle in the excitement as the company’s spokespersons threw another huge laundry basket of new additions and improvements at them.

Its introductory wish list comprised of new apps and additional features, UI and performance improvements, a revamped user experience offered by Apple’s world leading mobile operating system. As with any new commercially available piece of user software, iOS 13 delivers the usual selection of shiny new, meaningless trinkets and baubles aimed at attracting and amusing the masses. However, as one can expect from Apple, the new iOS also offers several truly meaningful additions and improvements. Below we discuss some of iOS 13’s more interesting new features aimed at actually making a difference in the life quality of its users this fall.

Dark Mode has finally come to Apple’s mobile devices, and it negates the need to manually enable Dark Mode in each individual app iOS 13 allows you to impose a global blackout over your entire smart device experience. Reduced light levels will make extended use much easier on the eyes.

Fast App Launch; Apple claims iOS 13 will launch apps twice as fast as iOS 12, which in itself is fantastic since it will allow online sports betting enthusiasts to quickly place live in-play bets via a dedicated app with their favourite online sportsbook. Those sports betting enthusiasts looking to find the greatest benefit of this new feature should consult with one of the prime online affiliate sites such as Bet enemy due to the extensive list of top online bookmakers offering dedicated iOS apps to improve their online sportsbook user experience.

Sign in with Apple shows the company’s continued commitment to its focus on privacy. This year with iOS 13’s new privacy tool, Apple fires another salvo in its ongoing vendetta with Facebook by rolling out a relatively simple API which developers can easily integrate into apps. It aims to replace the ubiquitous “social sign-ins” by providing users with a one tap, Face ID authentication for signing into all apps, which prevents revealing any of your personal information and all third-party tracking.

Email Address Anonymity, Apple not only promises to keep your sign-ins highly private it will also keep spammy apps and irritating marketers off your online trail. IOS 13 will in future allow users to make their own choice about sharing their personal email address or start hiding it from any app or service they subscribe to by allowing the iOS to create its own unique, completely randomized email address for every app requiring you to forward your own email address. You can also disable the feature whenever you choose.

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