5 Cool Things for Women Who Want to Change their Life


Try and change your view on life and improve the way you dress, sleep and study.

Nexter thinks you are totally worth it!

1. Eight Sleep


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Revolutionary smart mattresses measure the quality of your sleep and send an everyday sleep report to your phone. Just ask  “Alexa, how did I sleep last night?” or command “Alexa, it’s cold” and you will see how smart your mattress is.

Pros of Eight Sleep:

  • The well-designed app will help you to control your sleep and wake up easier
  • Eight Sleep provides you with a sleep report every day.
  • Warm up your bed.
  • Set smart alarms.
  • Connect to wi-fi enabled products in your house.

2. Udemy

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Source: Udemy

Udemy is ready to offer an endless number of fascinating courses! They will definitely help you to change your life.

Why are these courses good for you?

  • No requirements;
  • 4.5-25 hours on-demand video, you can watch them anytime and practice your knowledge;
  • Full lifetime access;
  • Articles and  Supplemental Resources;
  • You can watch the videos and read articles on mobile and TV;
  • Certificate of Completion.

Check out courses for self-improvement from Udemy here.

3. ThirdLove

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ThirdLove will help you to find an ideal bra that 100% fit you. Individual approach and a wide range of fabrics will make you fall in love with ThirdLove.


  • Try ultra-soft materials, and you will feel so comfortable! You will forget you’re wearing a bra.
  • Returns and exchanges are always free.
  • Take a quiz and find the best size and style for your unique body curves.
  • You can try a bra for free for 30 days, if you don’t like it you can send it back.

4. AUrate

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Source: thestylishcity.com

AUrate’s tagline is “Fine jewelry — No concessions” and their service really proves it. Special designs, shining gold, fair pricing, handmade in New York – just for you.

What can I find here?

  • Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and much more;
  • Collections of jewelry to express your unique personality;
  • Gifting opportunities.

5. Glossier

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Glossier offers barely-seen makeup and helps your skin to become nice and soft.

Why Glossier?

  • Glossier stays in contact with their customers to improve the service and the product quality.
  • Skincare products are made to normalize your skin’s tone and texture;
  • They get to the root of the problem and optimize hydration levels of the skin.

Check this out:

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5 Cool Startups For Women Who Want to Change Their Life
5 Cool Startups For Women Who Want to Change Their Life
Specially designed list of the coolest startups for the most unique and charming women. Try and change your view on life and improve the way you dress, sleep and study.
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