Computer Games Better Played In Real Life


It’s sometimes good to just get off your desk, leave your computer for a while and go play something else with your friends or family. It could even be the same game, but a real life version of it, making it more real and fun for you and whoever is playing with you. Take a look below at some of these games that you can play without a computer or internet. 


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If you’re a gamer and you always love trying new things, why not try some old things and get a taste of what gaming was like before technology hit us with computers. Set up your table and dust off the old backgammon board, and see if you got what it takes to beat your grandfather in a game that he’s well familiar with. It doesn’t even have to stop there, you can come up with exciting stipulations with your siblings for example, whoever wins would do their chores for the week. Keeping it fresh, fun, and exciting to physically play something together rather than staring at a screen and clicking buttons. Sometimes gamers need to unwind a bit, even from playing their usual PC games.

It’s not a surprise that most people love playing FIFA and its different versions. So what if you get your friends together and start your own teams and play against each other for real. You can keep it a normal game or you could imagine you really are the famous soccer players, you can be Cristiano Ronaldo plays against Pelé for example. Two players from different eras, that’s something that would make it even more fun and exciting to have a real fantasy football match.

The Art Of Playing Chess
Chess has been a famous game long before it’s computer version. A game of skill and tactical planning, needing both focus and quick thinking. This is one of the best board games that you can play together. Compete against one another for bragging rights and proving who is the smartest chess player, really engaging and exciting when it’s with family or friends instead of an AI player on your PC.

Card Games
It’s definitely more convenient to sit in front of your PC and find a bunch of people to play your preferred card game. But nothing beats the feeling of having the cards in your hands! If you think of the all time classics such as poker and UNO for instance, the laughter and fun you get to feel by seeing the people you’re playing again sitting in front of you is priceless. Playing poker is all about reading the other player moves and there’s no better way to do that than to be able to read their faces and body language.

Get Ready For A Paintball Match
This is another exciting and super fun-packed game that you and your friends or family could play together. Similar to games like Unreal Tournament franchise, you divide yourselves into teams and try to be the last person standing without getting any paintballs shot at you. Or the different stipulation in the game where you have to capture each other’s flag and take it to your own “Home” area. Very fun and competitive, have a “Death Match” or a “Capture The Flag” game, but without really dying if you get shot by the paintball gun!

Having Your Very Own Cooking Competition
This can be fun if you’re all fans of cooking and the famous Cooking Dash game. Like you could see if you both can try to cook something as fast as you can and give it to your siblings quick before they act all bored or angry and storm off leaving. Could be full of hilarious moments and best of all, you can actually get to eat something in the process! Just be careful and don’t get any burns or knife cuts.


Source: cdn.pixabay

Enter The Monopoly World

You should really try playing this game with your loved ones, just wait for all the laughs and frowns when they don’t get their way. A little similar to the Monopoly Deal game you’re used to playing, but it’s much more interactive and fun in real life. Just try your best not to get the “Go To Jail” card, you wouldn’t want to be in the receiving end of “Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars”.

Why It’s Good For You
Without sounding like a senior citizen or a doctor, there are a lot of benefits from playing games physically rather than on your PC setup. One of them is the major health improvements you get by moving  and keeping the blood flowing, sitting all day and night can cause some problems with your back, shoulders, and neck. It can be considered a fun workout, keeping healthy is very important, so if you play physical games and have fun while doing it then it’s a win-win situation. You can take a load of strain off from your eyes too, too much exposure to the screen can be a little bad for you. And also you are bonding with your friends and family, making your relationship much stronger. Family time is important so when you do it playing games, then it’s great, you won’t feel bored or something. Same with your friends, sometimes you just want to open up to them about something and vent. What better way to do it than through a game of cards? In every aspect, it’s 100% very beneficial to you in many ways.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

When you’re having a great time playing any of these games with friends and family, you can really lose track of time. And that’s okay, just cherish these fun moments with them and enjoy it. It makes your bond with them much stronger, all thanks to gaming together. Don’t worry about your computer games, it will still be there and not fly away. But it’s just better to spice things up when it comes to gaming.

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