Cloud Hosting – Everything About Its Basics, Benefits, and Future


One of the most recent types of hosting is cloud hosting. In all fairness, this hosting is getting more popular as we speak.

The fundamental principle for cloud hosting is “divide and rule.” It means that the resources you need for taking care of your website are going to be split across several web servers. They’re also accomplished as fundamental necessities.

The nature of this hosting is reducing the risk for downtimes when a malfunction may occur.

It’s also important to highlight that cloud hosting is going to let you take care of the peak loads a lot easier than in the case of other types of web hosting. You’re not going to deal with bandwidth problems either as you can get more resources from another server when something goes wrong. Therefore, your website isn’t going to depend on just one server. It’s a couple of servers that run together, giving the term that we all know as “cloud.”

How does Cloud Hosting work exactly?

The best way to understand how cloud hosting works is to take a look at Google. It’s the master of search engines, and you can find its resources split over a couple of hundreds of servers on the cloud. It’s the main reason for which has not to be gone through any downtimes in the last years.

What’s the best way to explain how cloud hosting work?

If the previous explanation wasn’t clear enough, it’s okay, we’re just going to do it once again. Every single server in the cloud has to accomplish a specific series of tasks. When any of the servers are failing, another server (or more than one) is going to begin running as a back-up until the problem is solved.

In the case of an overload, the situation is pretty similar. Keep in mind that the quality of the server plays a big part in the performance. It’s pretty standard for the cheap web hosting to lead to this sort of problem. It’s not the case for the best cheap cloud hosting. At you can find out which are the best options for cheap cloud hosting. The website also gets you through the basics on free web hosting, E-commerce Statistics, WordPress Hosting and Internet Statistics. It’s a great place to check the most interesting comparison between the essential web hosting providers out there or to see their take on the big players of web hosting at the moment.

What’s Enterprise Cloud hosting?

If you’re planning to ensure enterprise-level hosting services, it’s fundamental that you care about the quality more than anything else. It’s well known that high-quality enterprise cloud providers are using VMware, providing dependable cloud services. This sort of servers can even perform better than the dedicated servers.

Cloud hosting vs. Dedicated Servers vs. VPS- Who’s the winner?

If we’re taking a look at the dedicated servers and the cloud hosting, the aspect of reliability is going to count a lot. In the case of cloud hosting, you’re going to be able to rely on multiple servers and not just one. This way you can also deal with emergencies a lot more efficiently when you’re using cloud hosting.

Let’s not forget that the price is related to what you’re using per se. Therefore, when you’re using a lot, you may end up paying higher in the case of cloud hosting.

When we compare the cloud hosting with the VPS or the traditional shared hosting, the low price is going to be the very first thing to notice. You should never take the reliability out of the equation. When you’re using VPS hosting, one server is going to be split into several pieces, and a particular user is going to manage a specific part of that server. You can say that the investment isn’t that high, after all.

VPS is the best choice for anyone that doesn’t put reliability on the 1st place.

Why go with cloud hosting?

As the variety of types of web hosting is impressive, it’s only natural that you’re aware of the benefits and downsides of cloud hosting. Your needs matter the most for the final choice. To give you an example, if your site is growing fast, you need a hosting that keeps up with the growth of your site. The cloud hosting is the perfect choice for this scenario.

Let’s see the most important advantages of web hosting:

  • Cloud servers ensure amazing speed an performance

If you’re conducting your site from a physical server, you’re going to be able to access your files only from that specific server location. In the case of the cloud server, you’re going to be capable of accessing the server from various places. They can be close to the physical location of the visitors, which is going to increase the site speed.

  • Cloud servers provide impressive stability and security

The isolated environment in which the cloud server is running is the main reason for safety and stability. On the other hand, when a physical server is altered in any way, you’re going to be able to use another server that has no problem running.

  • Cloud hosting offers infinite scalability

When you want to upgrade the disk space or the memory, you can do it from various servers. You don’t depend on the hardware of just one physical server place, like in the case of other types of hosting.

Where is cloud hosting heading to?

Cloud hosting has been traveling quite a lot ever since its beginning. Many large enterprises have been using cloud hosting for quite some time now. However, this type of hosting has become available for small business only recently. It’s why the prices are still high at the moment.

Even if the prices did decrease in the last five years, we still think that medium businesses may need a little longer until they start using it regularly.

Some businesses took the leap of faith and moved to the cloud, whereas others are still sitting on the fence. They haven’t even invested in the infrastructure they need when relocating to cloud hosting. Truth be told, the main reason for them not to make the final call is the price that still looks high for a small business.

At the end of the day, we’re expecting that more and more businesses start using cloud hosting. Some low-cost cloud investments are developing at the moment so we can only hope that everyone goes up in the clouds soon enough.

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