Christmas Decorating Ideas 2019: Planetary Ornaments, McDonald’s 1st Ever Christmas Merch + More


Once again offers you to forget about common holiday decorations and check out these extraordinary but cool ideas for your Christmas tree 2018!

Planetary ornaments


Source: Kurt Adler

While traditional ornaments are great, why not step out into another galaxy with a hand-painted Planetary Glass Ornament Set.


This ThinkGeek / GameStop exclusive custom set was created by Kurt Adler and includes nine glass ornaments to represent each planet.


Just like in the solar system each ornament varies in size from 2″ to 3″ with unique custom details such as glitter or rings.

McDonald’s 1st ever Christmas merch

If you’ve finally got around to putting your Christmas decorations up but your tree is looking a bit ‘meh’, then worry not – McDonald’s is making all your festive dreams come true by releasing its first ever range of nugget-related Christmas merch. McDonald’s has released this Christmas McNuggets for your tree.


Source: McDonald’s

You can also treat yourself to some McNugget fairy lights.

Food ornaments

Why not to decorate your Christmas tree with the thing you like the most? We’re talking about food, of course.


Source: worldmarket

Just like these tasty-looking hot-dogs, waffles, and pancakes. Yummy!


Source: worldmarket

All eight ‘Harry Potter’ books

The real books are obviously too big and heavy to hang on your tree, so get these adorable mini versions instead.


Source: Etsy


You probably don’t want to be throwing these glass Pokéballs — they’re just for show.


Source: ThinkGeek

Star Wars

True Star Wars fans know that decorating with Darth Vader, Luke Skywaler, and Princess Leia ornaments is always a great idea especially if there are four official sets for Christmas.




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