Checklist to Pick the Best Engagement Ring for Her


The engagement ring is the one piece of jewelry that a girl wears more than anything else. She will keep it on while working, playing, and even sleeping, and on those days when she doesn’t bother with earrings, necklaces, or anything else, she will still depend upon that ring for a bit of sparkle. This is why it is so important for you to find the right engagement ring for her. Using this checklist will make the process simple and successful.


Your Budget

Always have a predetermined amount in mind before you begin shopping for the best engagement ring for her. Don’t feel trapped by the three-month salary myth. No one wants the person they love to go into debt beyond their means just to buy a piece of jewelry. Instead, carefully consider your financial standing and what makes you feel the most comfortable. There are ways to get the look of a large, expensive ring without going over budget. A stone with a bigger table will look larger than it really is. You can also pick something just short of the next carat. For example, a 1.8-carat diamond will be much cheaper than a two-carat, but you’ll hardly see the difference.

Lab Versus Natural

When you look at natural and lab created diamonds simultaneously, it is hard to see any difference between lab created engagement rings and natural ones. Lab created stones are grown by scientists rather than by nature. They have the same optical and chemical properties as the natural diamond. Each lab created stone is made in a high-pressure, high-temperature chamber that mimics the Earth’s crust. The result is a crystal structure that is as amazing as the ones nature creates. The only difference may be the price, as lab created stones are less expensive.

The Style

Many modern couples shop together for the engagement ring. This is encouraged. It makes finding just the right one an easier task, but if you’re the traditional type that wants to add an element of surprise, consider asking her family and friends to help. They will know what style she likes best. If you find that you’re shopping on your own, start observing her taste in other jewelry. Take note of whether she prefers yellow or white gold and flashy or subdued pieces.

The Stone’s Shape

The shape of the stone will be the first thing one notice when looking at an engagement ring. The following are the most popular ones available.

1. Round – The round shape maximizes the sparkle of the stone with 58 facets.

2. Princess-Cut – This is a square design with sharp corners. It is a newer shape that became popular in the 1970’s.

3. Cushion – Cushion shapes are ideal for larger stones with excellent clarity. They have rounded corners and can be square or rectangular. This shape is often used to emphasize the size of the stone.

4. Emerald – Emerald cuts are rectangular with a smooth top along with facets in a step-like design with beveled edges. Clarity is important because the table of the stone will enhance any imperfections.

5. Marquise – The marquise has 58 facets in an elongated shape with distinct points at the top and bottom. The name refers to the beauty of the 18th-century French court.

6. Oval – The oval is a variation of the round cut. The same 58 facets are rearranged to create the elongated look.

The Setting

Once you have the shape of the stone picked out, you can choose a setting. The setting refers to the frame in which the stone will rest. The setting will actually set the tone for the entire ring. For instance, a bezel setting can liven up the classic round diamond while a four-prong setting creates a more traditional look.

The Metal

The metal used to create the engagement ring is almost as important as the stone. Platinum is the most durable metal used, and it has a silver or brushed nickel coloring. It is ideal for sensitive skin because of its hypoallergenic properties. Gold is always popular, and it comes in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, or rose. Palladium is similar to platinum, but it has more of a gray coloring. You can also find recycled metals which are often a combination of platinum and gold.

Now that you have thought about your girl’s style, taste, and preferences, you can begin shopping. With this checklist in hand, the process should be fun and exciting with the successful results you’re hoping for.

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Checklist to pick the best engagement ring for her
The engagement ring is the one piece of jewelry that a girl wears more than anything else.

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