CES 2019: 7 Astonishing Concepts That You’ll Definitely Spend All Your Money On


CES is an annual international gathering event for those who have something to introduce this year – tech giants like , Sony, Apple, LG and more.

Nexter.org has collected the most fascinating announcements of CES 2019.


Impossible Burger 2.0

Source: AP

Impossible Burger is a groundbreaking product in food engineering as it doesn’t contain meat but still tastes like meat! And most important, it’s delicious!

At CES 2019, Impossible Foods introduced the next generation of Impossible Burger 2.0, which is fully vegan plant-based beef patty is made of soy protein with no hormones, less fat, and zero cholesterol and it’s gluten-free.

Razer Blade 15 Advanced Edition

Source: EPA

Razer introduced its Blade 15 Advanced Edition – one of the most powerful gaming laptops presented at this year’s conference.

It’s notable for NVIDIA’s powerful RTX 2060, 2070, or 2080 discrete graphics, support for up to 64GB of storage, good speakers, and has a webcam that supports Windows Hello.

Lovot robots 

Source: EPA

Lovot robots are extremely cute: they have large expressive eyes, adorable arms, wheels. You even can dress them and choose the clothes among the variety of pieces available for the purchase.

The webcam installed into its head is similar to the child monitor or home surveillance device, so you can look for your kids when you are in the next room or far away.

Oculus Quest

Source: EPA

Oculus Quest that is supposed to be as cool as  Oculus Rift will be available this spring just for $399.

“There’s no external tracking accessories,” product marketing manager Allison Berliner explained during an interview. “Everything you need is onboard. And because Oculus Insight is so robust, you can really have a precise and accurate experience in VR almost anywhere.”

Lumen metabolism device

Source: Lumen

Lumen is currently working on the “hack your metabolism” device, makes food recommendations based on analysis of your breath.

The device calculates the proportion of carbs and fats being used for energy and makes the recommendations.

Whirlpool’s smart oven 

Whirlpool’s smart oven uses AR to help you cooking as it has 27-inch transparent LCD display with a wide variety of recipes.

Once you choose one, the device will assist you and help you with the ingredients, time for cooking and other peculiarities.

Hyundai walking concept car 

Source: Getty

The South Korean motor company Hyundai unveiled a walking car that can climb and reach highway speeds.

It resembles Metalhead from TV-series ‘Black Mirror’, which makes it a little bit creepy.


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CES 2019: 7 Astonishing Concepts That You'll Definitely Spend All Your Money On
CES 2019: 7 Astonishing Concepts That You'll Definitely Spend All Your Money On
CES is the international gathering event for all those who have something to contribute into the technology field. Nexter.org has collected the most fascinating announcements of CES 2019.

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