Celebrities Are Using Surrogates More Than Ever Before


It seems like more celebrities than ever before are choosing to use surrogates to start or expand their families. With stars like Kim Kardashian using a surrogate to have her last two children, the process has become a topic of common conversation.

Infertile couples have been using surrogates for many years to realize their dreams of having a family. It seems to only be in recent years that couples that don’t struggle with fertility issues are turning to surrogates to expand their families.

If you are interested in finding out how to become a surrogate there is a ton of research that you should do first. Giving the gift of a child to a family can be a wonderful experience but needs to be considered seriously.

Celebrities and non-celebrities alike are finding many reasons to use surrogates instead of becoming pregnant themselves. Many of the reasons are the same, whether you are famous or not, and here are some benefits to using a surrogate.


The most common reason to seek out the help of a surrogate is because of the inability to conceive on your own. Many couples have gone through years of trying to get pregnant naturally without any success. Or, you may have already spent a fortune hoping the IVF treatments will result in a viable pregnancy. Either way, surrogacy may be the only option you have if you have dealt with long term fertility issues.

Busy Careers

Celebrities are always on the go. Between travel, performing and publicity events it can be nearly impossible to find time to have a baby. Movie and television stars who want to start a family but don’t want to risk putting their careers on hold during pregnancy might choose to find a surrogate. Many actors have strict contracts regarding pregnancy so finding other ways to start a family become necessary.

For celebrities who happen to be part of an ongoing series, it can be impossible to have a pregnancy without risking being fired. Producers and directors can have a difficult time writing in or trying to hide a pregnancy of a major cast member. Using a surrogate can help to expand their families and keep their current roles.

High Risk Pregnancy

Both celebrities and regular women alike are waiting to have children. The older a woman is when they decide that it’s finally time to start a family, the more issues they may face. Mothers over the age of 36 are considered to be high risk pregnancies, putting their own and their baby’s health at risk. Many mothers aren’t willing to take the chances that come with later in life pregnancy and choose to have a younger surrogate mother carry their child instead.

For mothers that have had difficult or dangerous pregnancies in the past, like Kim Kardashian, surrogacy is a safe way for them to expand their families. Risking health issues or an uncomfortable pregnancy that can include months of bed rest or illness can be avoided through surrogacy.

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