Celebrate Christmas in Exotic North: Scandinavian Fairy Tale


Nexter recommends you to spend Christmas and other winter holidays in quasi-Scandinavian countries! Take into account these states are much colder than the generally know Scandinavian queens and kings.   

We prepared a list of Christmas events in the North countries: Finland, Iceland and  Faroe Islands.

1. Finland


Source: blog.hotelscombined.com

Finland is a true home of Santa Claus! That’s why if you want to reveal real Christmas atmosphere, you need to book tickets and take your family or friends on a marvelous trip.

Finns celebrate Christmas on 12/24.

Santa Claus Village


Source: santatelevision.com

Rovaniemi, Lapland is known as Santa’s home. Everybody is welcome here!

Both children and adults can visit Santa Claus, talk with him and share your wishes, diving into the fairy tale.


Source: visitfinland.com

Schedule: 1 December – 7 January 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Exceptions: 24 December 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., 25 December 12 a.m. – 5 p.m., 31 December 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.. 1 January 12 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Short Husky Safaris


Source: lapland.nordicvisitor.com

Take a holiday weekend and spend a charming day on our Husky farm with more than 200 sled dogs. Adults can ride by alone with Husky sled team 6 dogs after a riding lesson. Then, you can take a tour and see all the Huskies on the farm and drink a cup of good coffee.

Price list:

Children under 4 years old: free of charge.

2 km

  • $47 Adult –  8 min;
  • $38 Child 4 – 11 years – 35 min

5 km

  • $85 Adult – 20 min/1 h;
  • $64 Child 4 – 11 years;
  • $130 – riding alone;

10 km  

  • $115 Adult – 45 min/1,5 h;
  • $85 Child 4- 11 years;
  • $178 – riding alone;

More information here.

Reindeer Safari


Source: santatelevision.com

Try the oldest way of traveling in Lapland – the reindeer safari. You have a chance to take a trip and ride almost 2 miles in the mysterious snow white woods.

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Price list:

  • Adults $148;
  • Children 4 – 14 years $107;

Schedule: 2:00 p.m – 4.30 p.m. from 12/1/17 to 03/31/18, every day.

More information here.

2. Iceland


Source: tbiaircon.co.uk

Expect for Christmas, Islanders celebrate Þorláksmessa, the day before Christmas (December 23rd). It’s the biggest shopping day in the country.

Arbaer Open Air Museum


Source: borgarsogusafn.is

The comfortable and quiet place for the whole family. The tour includes singing and dancing around the Christmas tree, service at the Church and entertainment with the Christmas Lads. Also, you will be able to taste  Traditional Icelandic Christmas dishes.

Price list:

  • Adults $15;
  • Children 0-17 years – Free admission;
  • 67 years+ and disabled – Free admission;
  • Students with student card – $9;

Schedule: Open daily 13:00 – 17:00.

More information here.

Enchanting Aurora borealis


Source: 68north.com

Attention! The most charming date is waiting for you in Iceland! Don’t hesitate and take your beloved one to see fairytalish Northern Lights!

You go to the darkest parts of Iceland, such as at Grótta lighthouse or Laugardalur Park, and keep an eye on the sky. But, remember, even a tiny little cloud can spoil your perfect evening.

To prevent this from happening, check cloud forecasts online. Also, you can take a bus tour or rent a car to catch the marvelous Northern Lights.

3. Faroe Islands


Source: wikimedia.org

The Faroe Islands are famous for a great number of Christmas shopping places and winter exotic atmosphere.  The main day of Christmas celebration is Christmas Eve.

Hike to Kirkjubøur


Source: nordictravel.com.au

Take a trip from Torshavn to Kirkjubø hill and check out an outstanding view of the sky and landscapes – the sea and the mountains. Don’t forget to take food with your: snacks and a bottle of water. You can stop to eat at Kirkjubø’s medieval church.


Source: lonelyplanetwpnews.imgix.net

Details about the hike to Kirkjubøur:


Source: visitfaroeislands.com

More information here (page 42).

Foto Safari


Source: nathab.com

Experience an enchanted Faroe Islands photo safari! You can take a tour with a photographer guide or rent a car and ride all over the Faroe Islands by yourself.

Price list:  $1.370-1.840.

If you decide to take the tour, please, note that price includes:

  • Two-way ticket with an additional fee from Copenhagen;
  • Car rental;
  • 6 days/5 nights with breakfast.

Schedule: September 1st to April 30th

More information here.

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Celebrate Christmas in Exotic North: Scandinavian Fairy Tale
Celebrate Christmas in Exotic North: Scandinavian Fairy Tale
Nexter recommends you to spend Christmas and other winter holidays in quasi-Scandinavian countries! Take into account these states are much colder than the generally know Scandinavian queens and kings.   
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