Cashmere Clothes – A Must-Have for Self-Respecting Men


Fashion for elegance returns – that is why every self-respecting man should have at least one classic men’s suit. And if you work in the office of a reputable company and you have to hold meetings and negotiations with partners, then you simply must observe business etiquette. Therefore, in the wardrobe of a businessman, there should be at least 4-6 suits of different texture and color shades.


If you want to have a high-quality suit for all occasions, pay your attention to a cashmere fabric Indeed, this unique material is comfortable to wear, both in the fierce winter (cashmere is 7-8 times warmer than sheep’s wool!) and in hot weather (due to the finest thread with a special technology of weaving, the cashmere is perfectly blown).

Cashmere Is Off to the Races
Surely you had to watch how some gentlemen from high society, talking to each other, as if by chance, lightly touching, feeling each other’s sleeve or side of the jacket. In fact, these are true admirers of cashmere, because only millionaires can afford to get a suit made of one hundred percent fluff. What is cashmere and why is it so valuable?

Cashmere is a fairly thin twill weave. It is also believed that cashmere is warmer than wool, softer than silk and more expensive than gold – and that’s true! The production of cashmere is quite a laborious and expensive process. It begins with the “extraction” of fluff (undercoat), which is combed from mountain goats of a special breed, living in harsh conditions of a sharply continental climate on the mountain slopes of northern China or Mongolia. Precisely because in these regions the winter temperature drops to minus forty degrees, and the summer sun bakes to plus thirty, then the animals have to adapt. Since ancient times, Kashmir shepherds (hence the name “cashmere”) goats noticed that their undercoat, combed or plucked in early spring, can be turned into wonderful yarn, which made warm, but at the same time light and comfortable clothes. However, undercoat from one goat can be plucked about two hundred grams, after combing and cleaning the yarn only about a hundred grams remain, so very soon goat fluff items became available only to the upper class.

Nowadays, cashmere is valued no less, and not only because there is still a lot of manual labor in its production. Cashmere today is considered almost the only anti-allergenic material, and modern designers tirelessly replenish their new collections with incredible products from refined cashmere every season.

Where Is the Best-Quality Cashmere Produced?
However, no matter how good the raw materials are, the beauty and quality of the future product depend on the processing of raw materials. For a long time, Scotland and England were leaders in the processing of cashmere yarn; here, for the first time, the commercial production of cashmere was debugged. And only towards the end of the 20th century the Turks and Italians confidently moved forward. Unlike the British conservatives, they began to present on the world market their more stylish modern products and cashmere fabrics of various colors and shades, of any thickness and highest quality. The cost of Italian and Turkish cashmere is lower than the one English and Scottish offer, by the way, world-class fashion houses today prefer to use Italian fabrics to create their collections.

Recently, the popularity of cashmere has been growing – clothes made from 100% cashmere certainly underlines the high social status, it is worn by politicians, celebrities and successful businessmen. But at the same time, due to the wide price range and well-established production, everyone can afford enough quality cashmere products; the only caveat is that wool, cotton or silk can be mixed in cashmere in different proportions.

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Cashmere Clothes – A Must-Have for Self-Respecting Men
Fashion for elegance returns - that is why every self-respecting man should have at least one classic men's suit.
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