Call of Duty Warzone: Win More Games with these Key Tips


With the pandemic going on, people are staying at home, engaging themselves in games and electronics. One such game that has generated tons of revenue due to this is Call of Duty: Warzone. 


It’s famous for its different modes and maps and allows players to play with their friends. Call of Duty has made many changes and added various features such as the best warzone aimbot to better your gaming experience. Regardless, if you are new at this game, you should follow these critical tips given below to earn your first win.

Check your map before you land
Do you pick a destination to land on the map without analyzing it before? If so, avoid doing it since where you land plays a vital role in determining whether you stand a chance at winning or not. The second your screen shows the cargo plane dropping you off, open the map and see the different locations. This helps you see where most of the players will land, and if you aren’t good at playing, you can avoid those areas.

When you build up the skills to fight, you can start landing at popular locations to earn more kills and points while playing. If you want to stay away from all the chaos of fighting and killing, you can land at quieter places and gather your gear. Sooner or later, you will have to try fighting and killing people for you to progress in the game.

Cut your chute early when you drop
To land faster than other players, you need to use a small trick that others use to drop more quickly. As you jump from the cargo plane, you can open your chute if you want to land slower than other players. Similar to this, some players have figured out an alternative trick to come down faster. You can re-open your chute as many times as you like, so players started using this to their advantage.

When you are falling, open your chute, then cut it so that you fall faster. When you cut your parachute, it gives you an aggressive push that allows you to drop down more quickly. Since you can redeploy chutes, you can continuously open and cut your chute to gain as many pushes as you need to fall faster.

Another advantage of the redeployment option is that you can draw your pistol for a few seconds during your redeploy. Through this, you can shoot and kill a few enemies as you take them by surprise.

Keep check of your cash
Warzone operates around cash. You have to collect some money after you complete your contracts and missions when needed. You will have to search hard for cash in some matches, but you will easily find loads of cash during your tasks and contracts for others. Either way, make sure you don’t keep your cash for too long.

As for the battle royale mode, you will not get any bonus when you collect money, so you can only use that cash at the Buy Stations marked on your map. Through this, you can buy various weapons and gear such as UAVs and Cluster Strikes, along with armor and loadout too. A small tip to consider is to use your cash to buy such gear. As you won’t use the cash anywhere else, use a good amount of money to purchase good gear and equipment to improve your skills and fight better.

Always secretly go for the loadout drops
Although gears like UAVs are essential, try gathering enough cash with your members to help purchase a Loadout Drop as soon as possible. These Loadout Drops allow all squad members to pick one of their favorite loadouts and swap it with their current one. After you choose your loadout, get out of the area as soon as possible. People usually get attracted to these Loadout Drops to get better gear and stand a better chance at winning.

Call of Duty may seem like a challenging game at first; however, once you start playing it, you will get better, and it will seem more fun to you. It would help if you practiced the above-given tips consistently. If you were teased as the noob of your squad, you would surely be able to upskill yourself and your squad’s status with the listed hacks.

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Call of Duty Warzone: Win More Games with these Key Tips
Call of Duty Warzone can be made easier with some game-changing tips and tricks. Check out the best hacks in our guide to win more games.
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