By This Time Next Month There Should Be A New Royal Baby Bouncing Around The Castle


The due date is allegedly end of April to early May, baby showers have occurred and it seems every day there is a new photo of Duchess Meghan cradling her baby bump.

Source: PA

Bookmaker is among SBR’s top-rated sportsbooks offering odds on all-things royal baby with the bouncing bundle’s gender getting a lot of action.

Other wagers are available on the child’s possible name and what day of the week he/she may be born.

To their credit, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have remained mum on all topics of wagers. It’s been kind of a tradition for the royals not to share the gender news or maybe even not find out the baby’s gender until birth.

In January, during a visit to Birkenhead, the duchess said she and Harry didn’t know the child’s gender.

“We’re keeping it a surprise – whichever way, we’ll be thrilled with the outcome,” she told another expectant month at one of her royal outings.

Hmm, what prompted the added action on the gender wager, people wondered. At one of Meghan’s recent baby showers – the lavish one in New York City in February – the media spotted one of the guests, actress Abigail Spencer, carrying in bag that had blue tissue paper peeking from the top. The smoking gun, er, decorative tissue paper!

A few New York TV stations also reported that day that Meghan had told guests that the baby was a boy. We could find no evidence of this — none of the stations had anyone on the camera saying that – maybe the caterer snitched.

A few weeks later, the most famous person at that same baby shower other than Meghan – Serena Williams —  may have demonstrated a lip slip. Elle magazine was one of several published reports that said the tennis superstar possibly revealed the baby’s gender during an interview with E! News.

She is likely privy to that knowledge, she and Meghan have been friends for nearly 10 years, having met at the Super Bowl in 2010. The also appeared together a Celebrity Beach Bowl that was part of the Super Bowl in 2014. Since then, Meghan supported Williams at several Wimbledon matches. Meghan was able to attend Serena’s wedding because she was filming her then-series “Suits” in 2017, but Serena and her husband were in attendance of Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry

So, it makes sense Serena might know – and now she may have let royal kitten out the bag. While the tennis superstar was talking to E! News about the challenges of finding a balance between baby and career she may have said too much. Maybe. “My friend is pregnant,” Williams said. “And she was like, ‘My kid’s gonna do this,’ and I just looked at her and was like, ‘No, she’s not. No, you’re not.’”

She didn’t say what mom-to-be she was talking about, but many media types zeroed in on Serena’s use of the pronoun “she.” The “she” heard ‘round sportsbooks likely is what prompted the spike in wagers of “girl.”

Serena went on to say “I had all those high expectations and then I had what I was going to do … everything is not gonna go as planned. My whole life is so planned and this was the one time where it wasn’t.”

Whatever the gender of the newest royal, reports Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry will take a progressive approach to parenting, raising the child in a “gender fluid” household, are being discounted. Vanity Fair and Page Six reported the couple wouldn’t be imposing any stereotypes. “This story is totally false,” according to Kensington Palace spokesman.

What does seem to be true about the impending birth, is that the baby isn’t going to be born in the Lindo Wing, favored by the royals since 1977.

The Sun of London reported April 7 that Harry and Meghan are breaking the four-decade tradition of Lindo, opting for more privacy, to have their baby at a hospital closer to their home in Windsor, possibly at Frimley Park Hospital.

So, no photo-op of the beautifully quaffed parents with baby in tote on the steps outside the storied maternity wing. So time will tell whether it will be a bouncing baby girl or boy – but the child will be the most celebrated either way.

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