British Man Sells Girlfriend + 6 Other Crazy ‘Products’ People Have Attempted to Sell on eBay


There are lots of things could be seen on eBay but sometimes they are totally insane – just take a look at the list made for you.

A girlfriend 


Source: Facebook

A British man who tried to sell his girlfriend on eBay as a prank was shocked when bids reached $92,000 (£70,000).

Dale Leeks, who lives in London, listed his girlfriend of one year, Kelly Greaves, on the auction website because he “wanted to have a laugh,” he told CTV News.

But the ad was removed from eBay after 24 hours — when bids had already reached $92,000 — because the site said Leeks violated its policy of selling human body parts or remains.

In the now-deleted post, Leeks described Greaves as a “miniature collectible” who made a “constant whining noise” and is “fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear.”

The ad also said Greaves had “no serious damage but you can see she’s been used.”

A ghost in jar


Source: Columbia Pictures

A jar that a man believed to contain a ghost was put up for auction on eBay because it was terrorizing its owner. The seller, Teajay101, claimed that he “would not be held responsible” if the “black thing” escaped the jar, and that “all sales are final.” After numerous bids, the jar sold for just around $55,000 but the buyer never paid for the item in the end.

A grandmother


Source: Unsplash

A “100% authentic Grandma” was sold in 1999 for $1,000,300 – an impressive sum considering bidding started at $10. The granny was described as having been born in the early 1900s and having endured two world wars and the Clinton presidency.

Accessories such as dentures, a quilt, old lady clothes and foot cream were included. In fine print, the seller warned: “Grandma is known to spout profanity at times, and does get cranky if not given her medicene (note: medicene is not included).” [sic.] Due presumably to a lack of tabloid interest in eBay at the time, details of the transaction remain unclear.

Imaginary friend


Source: Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios

 Georgia Horrocks, a 22 year-old Londoner studying at the London School of Communication, put up Bernard her imaginary friend up for sale on the advice of her psychiatrist. She described her as friend as in ‘very good health’ She created a starting bid of just 99 pence.  Bernard will not be sent via post but will be sent via imagination to the winning bidder

A right to name baby


Source: Shutterstock

In 2009, 36-year-old Arkansas woman Lavonne Drummond decided to sell the rights to name her unborn child, on eBay. Unfortunately for Lavonne Drummond, eBay was less receptive to her auction and shut the first four down, though they had reached a combined total of over $41,000. The fifth and final auction actually reached a sale at the end of August 2009 for the grand sum of $6,800, but the winning bidder told Drummond he was trying to help her auction and had no intentions of actually paying her, nor naming her baby.




An 18-year-old British girl sold her virginity on eBay. It was bought by a businessman who kindly gave her the money she needed for college without taking ‘the service’.

Best Friends for a Weekend


Source: Yulia Mayorova/

Four Australian pals decided over beers one night that it would be a great idea to use eBay to auction off their companionship. Their ad promised that the winning bidder would be their “best mate” for a weekend filled with “some beers, some snags, some good conversation and a hell of a lot of laughs.” After five days online, eBay closed down the auction, but then reinstated it the same day, realizing that it was not in violation of any of the company’s internal policies.

According to local news reports, their auction initially attracted bids reaching as high as $45 million. However, once they started validating the bids, the found that serious bidders were only willing to pay in the four digits. The winning bidder paid $1,300 for a weekend of camaraderie with the four blokes.


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