‘Vagina Steaming’ Leaves Burns + 9 Other Extremely Dangerous Beauty Treatments to Avoid


The impact of social media, popular celebrities, beauty gurus and TV shows like Dr. 90210 and Extreme Makeover leads to a rise in the number of people seeking cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures. Many of these beauty treatments could be really dangerous and even kill you.

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‘V-steaming’ procedure leaves burns

Gynaecologists are warning of the potential risks of vaginal steaming after it emerged a Canadian woman burned herself attempting one. The woman had been suffering from a prolapsed vagina and believed the treatment could help avoid surgery.

Vaginal steaming, also known as V-steaming or noni steaming, involves sitting over a hot water and herb mix for an extended period of time.


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The controversial procedure has seen a surge in popularity over the last decade after actress Gwyneth Paltrow recommended it on her wellness website Goop.


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Last year, US model Chrissy Teigen also shared a photograph of herself undergoing the treatment.

Going blind from filler 

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery published an article that revealed that 94% more people went blind after getting the filler done.

“Many Australians incorrectly believe that procedures involving dermal fillers are beauty treatments, in the same category as facials,” Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery president Dr. Irene Kushelew told the Daily Telegraph.

“Complications can and do take place but reports of botched procedures and the use of imported, illegal products are on the rise in Australia.”

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The doctors state that the person responsible for the procedure has to be careful about the arteries around the face.

“When treating with dermal filler we have to be very aware of the blood supply of the head and neck. Any blockage to the blood supply can affect the structures surrounding and beyond the blockage. Think of it as a creating a dam along a river – it blocks the flow of water,”  City Skin Cosmetic Clinic says.

“Other important arteries to be aware of include the supratrochlear artery, dorsal nasal and supraorbital arteries. If dermal filler is inadvertently injected into these vessels the filler can travel along the artery and block the blood supply to the eye causing blindness.”


Lip filler operation 

Source: PA Real Life/Collect

Kirsty Collins aka Bambi Black, 33, had lip filler operation and it went terribly wrong.  Particularly, she had hyaluronidase that is naturally in our body injected into her lips to remove the old filler.

Collins started to feel like something is burning across her face.  “I knew from the get-go something wasn’t right, as within seconds of the beautician injecting my upper lip, I felt this burning sensation begin to spread across my face.

“The next thing I knew, my upper lip was growing before my very eyes. I could see and feel it getting bigger and bigger.

“Luckily my manager was with me and insisted on calling an ambulance, so within half an hour I was in the emergency room.”

Source: PA Real Life/Collect

“I was so frightened, I even feared I might die.”

It turned out that she had the operation done without testing for allergies beforehand. Collins went to Doncaster Royal Infirmary where they stopped the swelling.


“Vampire” facials 


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The New Mexico Department of Health is urging anyone who received an injection at an Albuquerque spa to get tested after two people who had a “vampire facial” were diagnosed with HIV.

The agency is investigating after the HIV infections were detected in two clients of VIP Spa who received “vampire” facials — a procedure in which a person’s own blood is injected into their face as a way of refreshing their skin — between March and September 2018.


Source: Instagram

The procedure was popularized in 2013 by Kim Kardashian West after she posted a selfie on Instagram with blood on her face.


Brazilian butt lifts

The desire to have a bum like Kim Kardashian or other popular stars is becoming more popular, with the number of so-called Brazilian butt lifts more than doubling in the last five years.

However, it was called the deadliest cosmetic surgery as many as 1 in 3,000 patients who get it may die after the procedure, according to an industry task force.

And the latest horrible case proves it. Leah Cambridge, 29, from Leeds, collapsed shortly after the start of the Bum lift procedure at a Turkish clinic.


Source: Facebook

The neighbors of a woman said her partner, Scott Franks, didn’t want her to take the surgery but she didn’t listen to him. It’s believed she died in the operating theatre but her cause of death is not yet known.


Source: Facebook

The procedure involves taking fat from areas of the body where it’s not wanted and transplanting it into the glutes to enlarge them.

To be successful, a fat graft needs nutrition and so has to be injected into tissue that has a blood supply. Fat can survive if injected into other fat, but up to 90% of it can be absorbed if it is. Fat has more chance of staying in place if it is inserted into muscle – but this is where the risk lies.


Tummy tuck


The next deadliest procedure is abdominoplasty — also known as a tummy tuck — which kills about 1 in 13,000.

Like liposuction, tummy tucks are a surprise on this list because they are among the most common plastic surgery for both men and women. Abdominoplasty is a procedure which removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen area, and then involves the tightening of the abdomen skin in order to enhance the stomach’s appearance.

Tummy tucks always run the risk of several complications including the excessive build-up of fluid (seronoma), poor wound healing, numbness, scarring, bleeding, and tissue necrosis. Tummy tucks have been ranked as one of the more dangerous plastic surgeries for quite some time now as it’s complications can end up being extremely serious.




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Despite the fact liposuction is one of the widest spread plastic surgery procedures, it is not as simple and nothing as people tend to consider it as. It’s not a quick vacuum job removing someone’s fat, it’s much more serious than that.

Liposuction involves the decrease and removal of localized fat deposits in certain areas of the patient’s body. After the liposuction, a patient can face with some of the riskiest complications in plastic surgery, such as blood clots, perforations in the stomach wall, systemic infections, and fat clogs in the lung. Many of these complications can lead to death if they are bad enough, and when they occur simultaneously lipo can easily, and has certainly, lead to a few deaths.


Facial reconstruction


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We all know that almost every celebrity tried at least once a facial reconstruction surgery to smaller a nose or to make eyes look bigger.

Some facial reconstruction is purely aesthetic, but most of them deal with reconstructing people’s facial structures following some previous trauma or injury that disfigured their structures.

Procedures can range from things such as facial reanimations, skull base reconstruction, nose reconstruction, and other facial trauma reconstructive procedures. However, among one of the most dangerous surgeries is the orthognathic surgery, which involves reshaping and structuring the jaw. With several critical blood vessels in that area, the room for error and complication is very small, making this one of the most dangerous.


Body lift


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Sometimes, people go too far and take a risk to make a body lift. It’s no surprise that probably the most intensive procedure is the most dangerous.

Also known as a belt lipectomy, a body lift involves multiple other procedures like lifting the belly, the buttocks, the thighs, the genitals, and the breasts. Body lifts then improve the shape and tone of the tissue underneath the fat and skin.

Since it basically involves up to 5 procedures, body lifts take a very long time, which ultimately makes them the most dangerous procedure. Body lifts take anywhere from 4-8 hours, so the patient is under anesthesia for that amount of time. The longer their under, the higher the risk is for cardiovascular issues.

In addition, the extended surgery times add a lot of time to the recovery time, which increases the risk of a challenging recovery.


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'Vagina Steaming' Leaves Burns + 9 Other Extremely Dangerous Beauty Treatments to Avoid
'Vagina Steaming' Leaves Burns + 9 Other Extremely Dangerous Beauty Treatments to Avoid
The impact of social media, popular celebrities, beauty gurus and TV shows like Dr. 90210 and Extreme Makeover leads to a rise in the number of people seeking cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures. Many of these beauty treatments could be really dangerous and even kill you.

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